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What font is that? You might often ask yourself. Thankfully, there’ll no longer be a need to text your designer friends for suggestions or to dig up details from a webpage’s source code.

Over the years, creatives have developed time-saving identification tools to eliminate the guesswork from finding typefaces or fonts. Below are two ways to do it, and both have their unique strengths. You can pick one to fulfill a specific purpose.

Identifying typefaces from images or screenshots

There are several tools online that allow you to look for a typeface by uploading the image. ‘What Font Is’ is one of the more popular ones, as it claims to be able to recognize over 700,000 free and commercial fonts.

1. Download an image or take a screenshot containing the typeface you’re curious about.

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2. Go to and upload the image.

You can also paste the URL or copy and paste an image in the uploader.

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3. In the next screen, select an area displaying the typeface you wish to identify, then click on Next Step.

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4. If the characters are close to each other, separate them by drawing a line.

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You can also adjust the text’s contrast, brightness, and orientation to help the AI track the typeface more effectively.

Click on Next Step.

5. Key in the letters represented by each character, then click on Next Step.

6. The tool will display 60 typefaces most similar to the one in your image.

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However, it won’t tell you the style choices applied to the typeface.

Identifying typefaces and fonts from text

To obtain the name of a typeface at your fingertips, consider installing a browser extension like ‘WhatFont’. It shaves off the time and effort taken to inspect an element, and lets you know everything about the font down to its weight, size, and HEX code.

Image via WhatFont

1. Install WhatFont on your Chrome or Safari desktop browser.

2. Make sure the extension is activated on your browser, then simply hover a line of text with your cursor to learn more about the font.

Image via WhatFont

There you have it!

The downside to this plugin, though, is that it won’t work for images.


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