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Every business is on a continuous hunt for marketing methods that will work best. This means that companies often spend a fortune on marketing campaigns that may or may not be a success.

Thankfully, we have the internet now to help us track down almost everything about a customer pattern and analyze whether or not you are spending the money for the right target audience, one such lifesaver for all businesses is Google Analytics. Google Analytics provides insight into all the data from your own Website like Gender, Location, bounce rate, etc. Below are a few points on how to use google analytics for marketing and build a suitable marketing strategy.

Geographical Location

Google Analytics helps you track the geographical location of your website’s visitors, you can analyze which part of the world does your website get the maximum traffic from and if these visitors are not buying your product you can run a marketing campaign to reach these customers.

Google Analytics also provides details on the languages spoken by site visitors. The company can use this data and create ads or campaigns for these customers. Using vernacular campaigns for a specific audience is the easiest way to reach them and help them understand what you offer.

Pages Visited

Google Analytics lets a company track the number of views on each page of a website, it also helps highlight the pages where most of the customers interact. This kind of information will help you understand what interests the visitors and what does not, on the basis of the results the company can adopt changes or improve the page design and content for optimum results so that people spend more time browsing your website.


Bounce Rate

This helps to track how long a person stays on a webpage, a high bounce rate means the website is not interesting or does not answer any questions the visitor has,  tracking this will help you understand the interests of a potential lead and you can make changes to reduce the bounce rate. A low bounce rate means the website has good content and can hook a person on your page for a longer time.

Point of Origin

Google Analytics helps to track the source of your website’s visitors and clearly shows where it came from, organic search, social media, campaigns, email, etc. This will help you analyze which marketing strategy works the best and which does not.

Measure Your Speed.

The download speed of your website plays a big role in ranking factor for SEO. You can check the speed page wise and improve the user experience for your visitors if you’re interested in how the individual pages of your site are performing. This can help you identify any problems with your download speed.

Google Analytics is a free database that shows you the good, bad and ugly sides of your known website so that you can analyze your brand’s effort and continually improve the services you provide to your audience.  By paying attention to what your audiences prefer, you’ll be able to create content and design that will please your audience. This improves the overall experience for visitors and keeps them coming back for more and increasing your direct traffic. By analyzing, and focusing on this various information with Google Analytics, you’ll have a clear understanding of who your audience is, what they are looking for and where they can find it.


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