How To Increase Repeat Users For E-commerce?

Last updated: Friday, November 2, 2018

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Why Repeat Customer is important?

To ask a new customer to make a purchase is always difficult. However, to convince your existing customer to make another purchase is comparatively easy. As compared to find new customers, getting a sale from an existing customer is always cheap. An existing customer already knows about your brand and product.

Getting repeat business from the same customer is a must for every business. If your repeat customer percentage is high as compared to a new customer, indicates that customer loves your product and are loyal to your brand. You should have a separate campaign for your existing customer. Apart from new customer acquisition plan, you should also have customer retention strategy in place in order to increase repeat customer.

Ways to increase repeat users

If you increase repeat users, it will lower down your acquisition cost and increase your revenue. Below are the top eleven ways to increase repeat users for your online business:

Loyalty Points

Loyalty programs are designed to make customers loyal to your brand. A loyal customer will make the repeated Loyalty Pointspurchase at your site as he has trust over your brand. Design a loyalty program to encourage the customer to make a repeat purchase. Below are some of the ideas for loyalty program:

Bonus Points

Start giving bonus points to customers who make more than 1 Bonus Pointspurchase in a week/month. This way they will be encouraged to do more shopping.

Higher Points

Based on product value offer higher points for high ticket items. Higher PointsOffering the same points doesn’t push your customer to buy higher value products. Give varying points depending on the product value.

Points Redemption

Points RedemptionKeep the product redemption process easy. A customer should be able to redeem their points in exchange of products or for some gift vouchers.

Exclusive Sale

Give special treatment to loyal customers. Plan exclusive sale only for you exclusive set of customers. Offer exclusiveExclusive Sale discounts for them for a limited time period. This will make them feel special and will shop again at your website.

Special Service

Create a special plan for your loyal customers. Ensure to resolve the pain points of your loyal customers. For e.g. Special Serviceoffer free delivery even for low-value items, be prompt to respond to their query, arrange early deliver. This will ensure customer make a purchase at your website even if it’s a low-value product. You can check Amazon Prime service which offers so many advantages for loyal customers.

Advance Payment Option

If you sell high-value items, you can plan out special finance plans for your loyal customers. You can offer special EMIAdvance Payment Option plans for them. You can partner with a 3rd party to offer exclusive financial assistance to them.

Social Noise

Recognize your customer whenever they mention about your product or brand in social media like Facebook, Instagram and other. Encourage customer to share their experience on social media with their friends and families. Many times customers share Social Noiseout of love for the product.

If your customer has shared your product or talked good, publish in your (company) social media profile. Appreciate and award them. This way they will be more encouraged to make repeat purchase at your website and share with others.

Send Gifts During Occasion

Sending gift coupons and an e-mail wish are the regular ways of wishing customer on special occasion. Try to be creative in your approach.Gifts During Occasion

Start sending product which your customers have added to their wish list or something which compliments their earlier purchase. Even a simple custom coffee mug or t-shirt is good to start. Delight your customers and they will keep shopping at your website.

Be Reachable

Minimize the distance between you and your customers. Always Be Reachabletry to be reachable whenever your customer has any query or need. Keep a tab on all the communication channels like chat, email, post and even have a customer care contact number. Always respond to the tweets of the customer at the earliest. Try to strike a conversation and understand their problem and offer an easy solution.

Be Engaged

Keep your customer engaged with your website. An engaged customer will keep visiting your website and make the purchase. There are many tools to re-engage with customers. Be EngagedPlan an integrated approach when engaging with customers.

  • Email: Send emails to customers regarding their order updates and also about new product release. Keep your Emailemails very engaging and relevant. Since the customer receives a lot of promotional e-mails, work on identifying the right content to ensure a higher open rate.
  • Online Chat: You can also offer a shopping assistant to the customer. This way you will understand more about their Online Chatcustomer and suggest product as per their needs. Customers usually do not have much time and if you can help them in their shopping, it will lead to a higher conversion rate and also repeat purchase.

There are three basic things which you should keep a high focus: Quality Product, Right Pricing and On time delivery. Rest of the things will not help if you neglect these three basic points.  With so many e-commerce websites coming up, try to differentiate your website on the basis of service. Work on how to Delight your customer and go that extra mile to do that. Even a simple change in packaging can delight the customer.

Repeat purchase happens only when a customer is happy and you are able to keep them engaged. Try out the above ways to enhance the shopping experience of your customer.