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How to Promote Your Restaurant Business with Digital Marketing

Keeping up with constant changes in the digital sphere is exhausting for most restaurants. So imagine having millions of competition around the globe, how do you follow through with all the trends and get the same amount of recognition as the top businesses in your field?

This question has been on the minds of those in the food and restaurant business. There are millions of competition, and it’s pretty stiff. For those small restaurant business owners, it’s essential to learn how to utilize digital marketing to keep up in our digital age.

Here’s the best recipe to succeed in promoting your restaurant business using digital marketing.

Conquering Social Media Management For Restaurants

It’s the dawning of the age of the Instagram/Facebook Foodie, the Food bloggers, and the #FoodPorn posts. We’re no strangers to hearing these terms on social media. There are millions of recorded food pictures on Instagram alone. Food pics are practically all over the internet, scroll down your feed and you’re bound to see one.

You can use social media as your tool to reaching a wide array of people all over the world. Those who plan on travelling might see pictures of the food you offer and put your restaurant on their bucket list.

When managing your social media account it’s best to post ⅓ of everything. This means you should post ⅓ of brand posts, ⅓ of share posts, and ⅓ of sell posts. So what does this actually mean?

Brand Posts

These are the type of content that’s main goal is to engage with people online. Posts like contests, giveaways, reviews, anything that interacts with your audience in some way.

Don’t underestimate the relevance of these posts, they help in increasing your following and exposure. Remember to include calls to action, give your audience a chance to engage with your account. Some common calls to action are “tag a friend,” “comment and let us know below,” or “use the hashtag…”

You can even include giveaways to help increase your following. Here’s an example.

Share Posts

These posts usually include links to blogs, videos, articles, websites, or any external content. This will help increase your website traffic and Google rankings. It can also help you with your credibility. It’s all about establishing and building a relationship with your audience. It can help you build long-term relationships with customers who will want to keep on coming back to your restaurant.

This is where reposting content comes in. Reposting photos from your followers can make them feel important, this will lead to great reviews and brand growth. Don’t forget to tag them so they can see.

You can also encourage customers to take photos of your food to post online with clever hashtags. Remind them to tag your account online.

Research shows that 84% of people trust online reviews and recommendations as much as their friend’s opinion. It’s a fact! So always remember to repost customer reviews and photos to get the most out of social media management.

Sell Posts

Sell posts are typically hard sell advertising content. These posts are straight to the point and immediately direct people to your website, or how they can reach you.

These posts show previews of what you offer such as your menu with a link to the full one or links to how they can book a reservation.

Build Your Food Aesthetic

Posting quality photos online is a must these days. Everyone is after the likes and the views. It’s practically become a source of validation, especially for businesses. Having an aesthetically pleasing feed on Instagram could be your way to success.

It’s time to prioritize the look of your feed and the quality of your photos. These photos can entice people to lust after your food. This is where most #foodporn posts are seen.

Don’t these photos make your mouth water? If it does, then that’s just proof of the power of food photography.

Constantly posting new visually appealing content can help engage your audience. It shows that you always have something new to offer. Invest in good photos and it will help you go a long way with your marketing strategy.

Social Media Advertising For Restaurants

Social media advertising requires you to prepare a budget, unlike social media management that only requires your time. If you want your ads to be seen on social media, you have to invest a little bit of money.

Facebook and Instagram Ads – Do They Work for Restaurants?

Millions of people are on Facebook and Instagram, it’s a huge platform for advertising. The best way to increase your brand exposure is to boost your posts. Boosting your ads isn’t free but it is effective. If a sudden ad pops out of your feed, it’s likely that it’s a boosted post.

Boosting your ads is a great way to increase traffic and create leads for your business. Your reach more people and get more bang out your buck.

Another advertising strategy is to retarget your ads. Retargeting is a type of online advertising that only target people who have visited your website or have previously bought from your site. If you want to know about retargeting, click this link

Retargeting can help previous website visitors see a fresh new ad for your products. Retargeting is one of the best ways to convert past visitors into actual customers.

All of the tips we’ve mentioned can be quite intimidating and time consuming, but using these tips can help for a successful digital marketing strategy for your restaurant.

If you need help with doing everything, don’t worry we can help you! Leave us a message and we’ll get your business running online.