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With Whitefish Marketing in Kent, being able to monitor the source of telephone sales leads is simple, with our call tracking services providing you with everything you need to deliver better performance in your digital marketing activities.

Content Marketing

Content marketing represents one of the most cost-effective means of engaging with your audience and developing a relationship with customers built on the solid foundations of trust and honesty. Effective content marketing is as much about embracing the intent of your audience as it is about working to support the context of their needs. Times have changed for the content marketing professional, with quality usurping the much-derided quantity manifesto espoused by old-fashioned SEO practitioners; it’s about creating the right content and delivering at the right time.

At Whitefish Marketing, our content marketing professionals are among the most experienced around. Our talented copywriters and SEO experts are able to develop the content strategy that enables your business to connect with the right target audience, wherever they may be. From creating compelling website copy to developing an editorial calendar that aims to stay connected with your audience; writing opinionated blog posts to encourage social interactions to the creation of stunning infographics that promote sharing, our content marketing team will help establish your company as a leading authority in your industry.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Email Marketing

In any industry, customer retention has the means to make or break a business, so being able to retain valued customers is of the utmost importance. Thanks to email marketing from Whitefish Marketing, being able to stay connected to your customers is affordable, easy, and effective. Our email campaigns have the ability to drive conversions, increase search volume, and work in tandem with your content marketing and SEO activities in generating the business needed for success. Through our team of professional copywriters and graphic designers, we are able to construct the perfect campaign to promote interactions and enhance customer retention.

Each email we send is given the due care and attention necessary to achieve its goals. Regardless of whether you’re sending a newsletter or promoting a special offer, a follow-up marketing campaign or repeat purchase, we closely monitor the accuracy of our mailing lists and deliver insightful analysis upon campaign completion, identifying new opportunities for future use. With Whitefish Marketing, getting the most from your email marketing activity is assured.

Lead Generation

If you run a UK business and want to increase sales volume, then our team at Whitefish Marketing can certainly help. Our online system will help you generate more leads, increase enquiries and aim to deliver more paying customers who are actively looking for your type of product or service. Our experience and knowledge has helped various clients, from different industries, and we’re here to help you too.

Best of all, this lead generation service is suitable for most businesses, regardless if you currently operate a website or not. Let us handle your marketing, hassle free. We’ll bring the customers to you, leaving you to concentrate on what up you do best.

Competition in business is as high as it’s ever been, with the internet providing consumers with access to a broader range of service providers in locations around the globe. As such, brand awareness has become fundamental to keeping your business in the spotlight, with traditional and web public relations (PR) all-important to the success of your company. At Whitefish Marketing, we know just how important it is to conduct PR in a manner that fosters enduring relationships, achieves the coverage you deserve, and promotes a presence within your industry that sets you apart from the competition.

Public relations, of course, offers myriad benefits for your organisation. In addition to simply raising awareness, you have the potential for the generation of high-value links to your website, thereby boosting SEO performance. You can also establish yourself as an authority in your sector, with our PR services helping to connect you with the most respected bodies, journalists, and publications in your industry. Through effective reputation management, Whitefish Marketing can help the public profile of your business achieve new levels of awareness and keep you engaged with your audience effectively.

Also known as paid advertising, PPC stands for Pay Per Click. It means precisely that; you advertise your product or service and you are only charged each time your advert is clicked on by a viewer. PPC is a generic term, but can be carried out in a variety of methods and across multiple platforms. The most common of which is Google PPC, where your adverts appear at the top of search results.

Other mediums and variations of PPC include Facebook (and other social PPC), remarketing (a more advanced version of PPC), display network advertising, YouTube video promotions and much more. In all cases, PPC works on a bidding system, like most auctions. You set your preferred limit and amount you are prepared to pay for each visitor click, and if your are higher than the next competitor, your adverts will be displayed above theirs. (There are other conditions, which will help you rank higher, but this is a simplified explanation).

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is about complimenting your brand image, to reflect the values and persona of your company on these new social sites. Whether you look to develop a presence on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, in the first instance you have the opportunity to display a prominent banner, coupled with a profile picture.

Then the aim is to attract new audiences to your social profiles to like and follow your business. Once you have a strong enough following you want to engage with your audience to promote your message.

This is the crux of social media marketing, and here at Whitefish Marketing we know what works best to help your brand succeed.