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Step by step guide, strategies and online courses to learn digital marketing: Whether you’re a student, job seeker, developer, bloggers, marketers, business owner or manager, no matter who you’re or what profession you belong to.

If you want to take the advantages of internet for your business and career or if you want to increase your income or want to start online business or want to grow business or looking for part time business or full-time job then digital marketing is the best option and one of the most powerful business or computer skills to learn.

Having digital marketing skills are as powerful as programming skills. If someone ask me what to learn for career, business development or to start an online or part time business or what to learn to get a good job then I will recommend them programming and digital marketing.

In this post we are fully focused on how you can learn digital marketing so that you can use these skills, platforms and tools to grow your career, business and income.

So, let’s get started:

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the way to connect and communicate with potential customers online. It’s a way to promote brands, products, services using mobile, computer (laptop/desktop), social media, search engine, blog and various other digital platforms.

Digital Marketing Platform:

Every place on the internet where people exist or visit often is a platform where you can promote, market and advertise your products and services.

It can be blog website like this, search engines like Bing and google, social media websites like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, video websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Forums such as reddit, Quora and various others apps, website and tools.

All of these platforms have one thing in common that these platforms are visited and used by thousands, millions and billions of people for data, information, knowledge, entertainment and content consumptions each day and month.

And that’s why these digital platforms create an opportunity for businesses and individuals to promote their products and services in front of people when they are using and consuming or using the content, information, tool and data on the web. That’s the reason behind the importance of digital marketing in business success.

Potential customers or buyers are targeted with personalized and contextual marketing and advertising. Many of these and various other platforms provide free and paid options to promote, marketing and advertise products and services.

Almost all types of business are now using digital marketing platforms to increase sales, to increase business presence and to build long term relationship with customers.

I don’t have any doubt that digital marketing is very beneficial for small business as well as large businesses or companies. But if something is good for business but not for customers then it will not go long. But digital marketing is useful for customers too. That’s why digital marketing skills, platforms, tools and methods are so much popular worldwide.

Digital marketing skills

Now digital marketing skills are used to take the benefits of digital marketing platforms. The popularity and benefits of digital marketing almost everyone wants to try it. Due to that it’s becoming competitive and required good strategy, skills and selection of right platform.

As I told you above there are various digital platforms and methods on the internet for business promotion, marketing and advertising.

Each platform requires specific skills and strategy. The strategy and skills you will use to promote your business on social media through advertising will not the be the same to promote through search engine PPC ads.

And the skills required to write engaging copy for landing page will not the be same to write blog post. That’s why you will find wide variety of digital marketing and strategies.

That’s why before you start learning and using digital marketing it’s very important that you know various digital marketing skills and strategies. So that you can select right digital platform for learning marketing, skills, and strategy.

Following are the commonly required or used digital marketing skills:

Commonly used digital marketing strategies:

Digital marketing apps and tools in which you have to become skilled in using:

So far, I expect that you got the basics of digital marketing. Now let’s start to learn how you can learn digital marketing that will grow your career and business.

Learn the basics of Digital Marketing:

The 1st and most important step to learn digital marketing is to start with the basics.

Let’s assume you are beginner and want to use digital marketing for business growth or job. Now where from you start?

As you know now that digital marketing is very wide and large in its functions, skills, and strategies.

So, you can’t jump directly to one thing and then next thing. You have to be strategic so that you learn more and invest your time and money on the right digital marketing course, platforms and tools.

So, the 1st digital marketing learning strategy is to learn the basics of all digital marketing platforms. At least know how does all that works.

For example:

Learn how search engine advertising works. How much does it cost to generate leads?

Similar to this, learn about the cons of promoting business on social media. Learn about the benefits of video marketing. Learn about content marketing. And compare each platform and methods such as email marketing is best or social media marketing.


You have to achieve following goals when learning basics of digital marketing:


The reasons of learning these is so that you can promote your business on the right platform, in front of right audience, with affordable cost.

It’s not important for you in the beginning to use all social media platforms, tools and methods.

You have to select one of the best that suits to your business. Now it can be SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, video marketing and PPC.

But to find which one is best for you and business? You have to learn the basics of digital marketing platforms, skills, tools and methods.

And also, if you’re learning digital marketing to work as digital marketer or to get a job as a digital marketer then you also have to 1st understand various digital marketing skills, platforms and methods. So that you can become expert in one thing and get job or projects quickly.

For example, if you want to find or do a job in digital marketing quickly or in shorter period of time then you have to learn something quickly that is easy to understand. So that you can learn and apply that fast.

For example, if you start learning SEO, content writing, copywriting then it will take might be 3 to 6 months. But if you learn to create Facebook ads then it might take less time to learn and get a job.

The point is simple, select one thing to learn in digital marketing that is easy for you, interesting for you, beneficial for clients or business. And you can get results from using those skills quickly.

And before the selection of expertise or selecting the tool or skills to master, 1st you have to learn the basics of digital marketing. When you test and understand each marketing platform, skills and strategy you will be in better position to find out which one is best for you to try.

Obvious once you are expert in one digital marketing platform, tools and skills then you can try the next one.

So how to learn the basics of digital marketing:

There are various digital marketing courses and learning platforms on the web. But having so many platforms and methods doesn’t work until you don’t follow the proper plan.

1. Set time for learning:

While you can learn at any time or all the time. But that’s not the way to learn the basics. You not only have to learn but you also have to understand that. So that you can use those lessons in business or job and also create good marketing plan for your business.

So, for that discipline yourself to learn about digital marketing daily for 2 to 3 hours. It can be the in the morning or evening or afternoon.

But if someday you’re not able to invest 3 hours in the morning, then make sure you do that in the evening. But even if you don’t’ get 3 hours’ time someday then invest at least 10 minutes. At least read a blog post on digital marketing within 10 minutes, while you’re waiting someone in parking or in traffic jam.

I expect that you know the importance consistency in learning. That’s why you have to dedicate yourself daily for learning.

2. Set goals:

Goals are important in life and career. They keep us aligned on the right track. In learning digital marketing, it will help you to learn faster.

For example, set goals for next 5 days to learn only about keyword research.

After that in next 5 days you will learn about Facebook PPC advertising.

In next 5 days, you will learn about content marketing

In next 10 days you will learn about content creation and graphic designing.

The point of setting goals for learning digital marketing will help you make and track progress. And each day your confidence will start getting improved. And you will be able to think creatively. And all of that will help you to build the strong foundations of career in digital marketing. And if you’re learning digital marketing for business, then you will be able to implement new ideas to grow your business online.

3. Make notes:

You might not like that. But it’s very important. Making notes will help you to learn digital marketing more effective than those not making notes. Notes help to digest the information and data. And you will examine yourself that what you learned and how much you learned.

It’s very important especially when learning online. Many of us learn through free videos and online courses. But not all of us learn, we watch. Watching digital marketing videos or tutorials is not learning. Learning is what you did after watching that tutorials or guide.

But as a student of digital marketing, you might not have your own website or project or something yet. In that case it’s important to make notes.

And if you’re learning digital marketing for business then notes will help you to think and plan strategically.

 4. Execute or use the learned digital marketing skills:

You learn more and better by experimenting. I don’t have any doubt on that. But for that you need something that you can use for experiment. If you don’t have business website, product, job or project then you can do the following:


And even if you don’t have a project or business website yet then do it even on affiliate product or local client or family business.

So, my point here is very simple, implement your skills, use the digital marketing platform, use the trial version of seo tools, try various keyword research techniques etc.

Where to learn the basics of digital marketing?

You can learn digital marketing on YouTube. And make a list of or bookmarks niche specific digital marketing YouTube channels. And select the most engaging and popular even you can also try new.

Free methods to learn digital marketing:

You can find various blogs and guide on digital marketing for free on the web by individual, content creators, digital marketing platforms and various others.

Find and subscribe to the following types of channels those are fully focused on the single topic:

Also find blogs those are focused on the any of the above skills and niche. After this follow and read or watch latest topics on these blogs and YouTube channel to learn digital marketing trends, latest updates, tricks and tips.

2. Do an online course to learn digital marketing:

To learn the basics of digital marketing, you don’t have to pay much. But each course has its uniqueness. But not in all. Before you buy digital marketing course make sure you will the check the course syllabus. And also confirm the experience of course teacher.

There are various digital marketing courses and websites that will help you to learn digital marketing.

But following are the best online digital marketing courses that can also help you to learn all in one digital marketing course in lowest cost. So please check out the following:

Mega Digital Marketing Course A-Z: 12 Courses in 1 + UpdatesDigital Marketing Strategy, Social Media Marketing, WordPress, SEO, Digital Sale, Email, Instagram, Facebook, ads ..

3. Observe and analyze the marketing strategies of others:

Observation and analysis of various marketing strategies used by individuals, websites, businesses and influencers on the web will help you to learn digital marketing skills.

Learning from others and competitors is a great skill. It’s also a part of listening skills.

You have to observe how a successful website is targeting its readers. How a youtuber engaging its viewers. What are the patterns of most viral videos? What is the content in advertisements? How businesses are targeting the its customers. etc.

If you become master in listening, observing and learning the marketing and advertising strategies, content, platforms and tools used by others you will be able to learn much more than any course.

4. Listen and understand people:

Listening and understanding people is the one of the most important skill in marketing and sales. You can market even without listening but that will not work. Even you can attract people with various strategies and tricks but you will not be able to sale.

It’s because until you don’t know and test what people likes and needs it’s tough and highly costly to use online advertising and marketing.

Understand the problems, life and needs of people. Understand and listen to the people whenever you interact with them. Understand what drive them to buy or make decision.

People or your potential customers will say that various time, but we often ignore that.

For example, next time you will interact with people or us any type of brand, tool, website or videos think what they need, what they are trying to you. What they are trying to teach you. What they are trying to sale you.

And most important how they are targeting you.

It’s time to become Expert or Mater in one:

Once you completed the basics of digital marketing then try to learn more about your selected interest. For example, you found copywriting is most interesting in digital marketing. While someone else find PPC ads fastest ways to build brand presence. And someone else find email marketing is the best way to sell premium or high-priced products.

Each student of digital marketing will find something interesting in digital marketing. So that student no matter who they are they have to explore that more.  For that they can try forums, job sites, freelance platforms, read blogs, find niche their niche (such as copywriting) specific channels and courses. So that they can go deep in that digital marketing niche.

Following are digital marketing niche courses that you can do and learn more as per your interests:

So, friend, this post is just an example on how you can learn digital marketing. How you can create learning plan. How you can learn digital marketing step by step. And how you can take the benefits of digital marketing in business and career.

I don’t say that this the perfect learning plan. It might need some changes in strategies as per your goals and situations.

My goal was to share my ideas on how you can learn and use digital marketing to grow your business and career. And I am satisfied and hope that you liked it.

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