I use a digital marketing agency. Do I need 250ok?

This is a great question we get from many marketers trying to understand how adding 250ok to their current marketing mix will change the game. With so many options for managing email campaigns, our platform and services can provide a different set of benefits depending on what you use, whether it’s a traditional email service provider (ESP), specialized agency, or otherwise.

We asked our friends at BrightWave, a nationally recognized, Atlanta-based email and eCRM agency, to help us explain how we can work in tandem for agency users. Of course, we’ve simplified and only broached the surface here, so if you have questions or would like to know more, always feel free to connect with us.

How does this all work together?

250ok tools and insights help BrightWave set proactive solutions related to potential deliverability issues before it negatively impacts clients’ KPIs. This toolset makes it possible for BrightWave to focus on delivering innovative and engaging content that consistently arrives in the inbox instead of wondering if their clients subscribers are receiving the email. When you opt in to a relationship with 250ok through an agency like BrightWave, you can tailor the level of detail you receive. If you’re simply interested in being made aware of deliverability issues, such as spikes in blacklisting activity or a dip in inboxing rates, the 250ok platform’s analytics might be your solution. However, if you want your agency to have tailored assistance in figuring out what needs to be done to remedy the issues, 250ok has a team of deliverability and platform experts at the ready.

To sum it all up, by pairing your agency’s ability to get work done for you with 250ok’s ability to provide advanced email analytics and support, you’re giving your email marketing the best chance to perform beyond your goals, thanks to our teamwork in optimizing your program. What’s not to like?

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