ICOsensei customized Particl lapel pins now available in Particl Market

With lots of new features recently released for testing, we thought we’d give you a good reason to come play!


What better way to see the new features and upgrades the Particl developers have made to Marketplace Alpha than to bring some real items up for sale?

Our friends at ICOsensei are big supporters of the concept of a private, decentralized marketplace and have made it known that they have big plans once we are on mainnet.

Today is awesome day! Visiting my friends warehouse! Lots of stuff, it’s huge! He will be one of the first @ParticlProject DECENTRALIZED Marketplace adopters! $Part $BTC $Eth $Ltc $Xmr $Dash #Bitcoin

 — @Hopium101

Earlier in the summer they sent over a limited supply of Particl branded lapel pins from their cryptocurrency collection of pins. In an effort to regularly entice everyone back into the testing version of the marketplace, I now offer these awesome pins up to you. Come and get ‘em!

How do I get one?

Get your Particl pin from ICOsensei on Particl Marketplace today.

Supply is limited!

If you don’t already know, Alpha Marketplace is living on our testnet. This means you’ll need testnet PART (tPART) for currency.

In order to jump in to explore, play and grab a Particl pin you’ll also need the latest Desktop builds specifically for Alpha.

  • Download Mac, Win & Linux builds here:
  • Get free tPART from the official faucet here:
  • *Remember, Alpha is a testnet dapp. Only use testnet PART for purchases. All items on the marketplace are typically test listings.

Thank you

Particl Team

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