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In addition to Audience Insights, you can utilize data that’s unique to your business, product, or service to create Custom Audiences. These Custom Audiences can be built by uploading customer lists within the Snapchat Ads Manager. Uses of Custom Audiences include, but are not limited to:

Snapchat is budget-friendly, allowing for businesses of all sizes to advertise. Not only can you start with a budget that works for you, but Snapchat also offers free, in-platform creative support through Snap Publisher. The Snap Publisher tool allows you to create inspiring videos via a range of features, including:

Snapchat offers a range of ad formats, including:

Some of the announcements regarding advancements in AR tools that might catch your attention include:

So, if you aren’t already taking advantage of Snapchat’s robust feature offering and unique audience, now might be a perfect time. You can begin expanding your efforts and reaching new customers on Snapchat today – no matter what size brand you are!

Erin Gauss

I am an Account Specialist at JumpFly on the Paid Social team. I graduated from Ferris State University in 2019 and started my career in paid search, but quickly found that I wanted to expand my creative knowledge. That is when I found JumpFly! My passion for my job now comes from seeing my clients succeed, no matter how big or small the victory. My favorite part about the digital marketing and advertising space, paid social specifically, is the ever-changing scene that allows me to grow every day in my position. When I’m not focused on building ads or looking into new solutions for my clients, you can find me sitting in the sun with my dog or playing board games.

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