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In our experience, usually underutilization happens at two levels.

You have access to a MarTech platform. But you don’t use it to the fullest.

You invest in MarTech platforms with an intention to gain marketing mileage. But, what is the use if the platform that you just procured is used in the wrong way.

For example,

I can keep giving you more such examples. Incidentally, the examples listed above are all based on our own experience with multiple clients.

And a couple of these clients are Fortune 100 brands.

You don’t know you have access to MarTech platforms.

You may be wondering how this is even possible.

But in reality, there are several OEMs such as IBM who deliver licenses for a bunch of MarTech platforms, free of cost when you buy hardware from them.

The procurement is usually handled by the IT team.

And since marketers are not aware of the availability of these licenses, these tools just sit idly with the IT team.

Only when a need arises and the marketing team reaches out to IT team for license procurement, they become aware of this.

We have come across several clients who discovered very late that they have license to many MarTech platforms.

In an ideal world and with a fat marketing budget, this is relatively easy.

In MarTech 5000 2020, has listed around 8,000 solutions under 6 major categories and 49 sub-categories.

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