Instagram Live Goes Pro – Digital Marketing News 15th July 2022

When you go live on Instagram, you have to go live via the app. That means you have less control than you do over Facebook Live, Twitter Live, LinkedIn or YouTube live.

No graphic overlays, no scene switching, no multiple cameras, nothing fancy. Some might say that’s the beauty of Instagram Live. Plus, if you want to multi-stream you have to set up a phone independently of the main session for Instagram.

But all that is about to change.

Instagram is testing going live via streaming platforms (OBS, Streamyard and Steamlabs to start with). This is great news for streamers, particularly those who want to multi-stream.

Elon Musk is attempting to pull out of the deal to buy Twitter. But Twitter is having none of it, they are taking him to court to force him to go through with the takeover.

But do we want him to take over the network? Is Twitter forcing the issue because they have a duty to do so? Did Musk deliberately manipulate the share price?

I have a feeling this won’t be the end.

If you want to get a good, visual overview of your website content performance there’s a neat little tool inside search console that shows you, fast. 

It connects to your Google Analytics and shows you your top trafficked pages and posts and what people searched to find them. 

The problem was it only worked with Universal Analytics, not the new Google Analytics 4. But that changed last week. Now you can hook it up to your GA4.

On the downside, you will only see data from when you added GA4 to your site so make sure you have it up and running now.

Social media is all about shopping these days. And it makes sense, if you can attach e-commerce businesses to your platform that means more ads and future monetisation.

For businesses, it’s a great way to sell to their audiences directly on platform without losing track of sales off the platform.

So it’s no surprise that TikTok is testing a Shop tab, similar to the Instagram shop tab.

Screenshots show this tab looks very different to the rest of TikTok with multiple products filling the screen. This seems an odd layout for TikTok. For now, this is just a test running in Indonesia so that look could change before we see it.

Twitter Space Recordings That Last Forever

Twitter Spaces can be the venue for in-depth conversations and revelations. Thankfully they are recorded so you can listen back and so that others can listen on repeat. 

But those recordings were limited to 30 days. This means you’ll have 30 days to repurpose them if you want to keep them

Now Android users will be able to keep their space recordings forever. Your spaces could last forever.  Or at least until Twitter decides not to store them anymore. It’s probably still best to find a way to download and save them.

Twitter has also added an interface to manage your recordings. Which is nice.

now your Spaces recordings will live as long as you want them to! starting today, hosts on Android are able to host a Space that lasts indefinitely

iOS is coming up next!

— Spaces (@TwitterSpaces)

Co tweet

Twitter is testing a feature that will let users collaborate on a co-tweet. This will be a single tweet that shares authorship.

Instead of one user name at the top of the tweet, you’ll see the names of the collaborators. This could be a great way to work with influencers and creators. Each user’s followers will see the tweets and also see who else is involved.

It could also be great for when multiple accounts are attached to the same project. 

Interestingly this comes shortly after Twitter announced an anti-spam measure that would penalise tweets from multiple accounts sharing exactly the same thing at the same time.

Could this be the legitimate way of doing it?

Share a Tweet, share the cred.

Now testing CoTweets, a new way to Tweet together.

— Twitter Create (@TwitterCreate)

Instagram notes

Once there were ‘status updates’ on social networks. A few words to tell people what we were doing. Direct messages were rare. 

Then DMs began to become popular, so much so that fewer posts appeared in the feed, and more private conversations happened. Feed posts became more complex, picots, videos, polls, stories, reels…

Now, Instagram wants to bring the status update back. But instead of making it a post type, they’re putting it at the top of Direct Messages. It will be 60 characters to show off to the people you chat with.

Why? That’s the question really.

Oh my god they went and put Facebook INSIDE INSTAGRAM now whyyyy

— Owen Williams ⚡ (@ow)

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