Instagram Reels Replies – Digital Marketing News 7th January 2022

Instagram Reels Replies are here

Personal connection is one of the best ways to engage and delight your audience. Do this and you’ll build a group of devoted fans. 

This week Instagram has released a new feature that allows you to reply to comments on an Instagram post with a Reel. 

Click into a comment on a post and you’ll be given the option to Reply with a Reel, the comment then opens up as a sticker in the Reels camera.

We love the communities that creators have built on Instagram. 😊❤️

That’s why we’re excited to launch Reels Visual Replies, a new feature to interact with your audience. You can now reply to comments with Reels and the comment will pop up as a sticker.

— Instagram (@instagram)

Quote tweet with a reaction

Twitter has allowed you to reply to a tweet with a video for a long time, but now it’s working on adding a new way for you to use video to engage with your audience.

Reverse engineer Alex193a (catchy name) has found that Twitter is experimenting with retweeting with a reaction. Choose this option and the tweet will open in the camera interface so you can respond with a video or image.

It’s a fun way to say more about why you are sharing or responding to the original poster. Once again it’s a way to make that personal connection.

#Twitter is working on the “Quote Tweet with reaction” option 👀

— Alessandro Paluzzi (@alex193a)

TikTok algorithm bubble burster

One criticism levelled at social networks is that they keep us in our bubbles. They show us what we want to see and that makes us believe that everyone sees the world the way we do. It can also amplify emotions of shame, hate and upset when we see the same thing over and over

TikTok is are attempting to tackle this with a change to their algorithm. They aim to show us more diverse content in the main ‘For You’ feed so you don’t see too much of the same thing. One step is to ensure you don’t see two videos in a row from the same creator or including the same sound. It also sounds like you’ll see posts on topics you’ve not shown an interest in before. 

They say:

“Doing so enriches the viewing experience and can help promote exposure to a range of ideas and perspectives on our platform.”

If you want to get the best results from Facebook ads you have to get the objective right, will you optimise for website traffic, conversions, leads, video views? It’s the first thing you’ll do when you set up an ad in ads manager. But the options have been getting more and more complex.

Facebook has been testing a simplified approach to ad objectives for a while but now it’s official. The new objectives are based on specific business goals and encapsulate all the existing objectives.

For example, the ‘Leads’ objective now includes ‘Messages’, ‘Phone calls’ and ‘sign-ups’. 

It’s not just a handy way to choose the best optimisation for your ads but it’s a hint at a future where you’ll be able to optimise cross channel. 

Currently, Facebook optimises creativity and placements, showing ads to people in a way that is most likely to get them to take the action you optimise for. In the future, if you select the ‘leads conversion’ Facebook could be able to optimise for sign-ups via a lead form or via a website depending on who the ad is shown to. 

New snapchat video creation tool

Snapchat just launched a new video editing app. With it, you can create and videos in way more detail as well as using Snapchat tools like lenses and sounds.

You can upload the videos directly to Snapchat and you can download them for use on other networks.

Is this Snapchat’s way of attracting people back to their network via this cute editing tool?

It always used to be sound off for video on Facebook and Instagram but the sound is now on baby. TikTok has made this happen, sound being an integral part of viral videos, it’s what makes TikTok work. The sounds make TikTok trends, and trends encourage content.

But it’s good for business too. According to TikTok, there is a 120% Awareness lift for brands that use TikTok’s music-driven, sound-on ad solutions. And brand linkage and recall increase by over 8x when distinctive brand sounds are leveraged in ads, compared to other elements like slogans and logos.

Sonic identity is the new logo! Think Apple, Microsoft, HBO. They all have strong sound identities. 

How do you keep the buzz of your brand going?

TikTok has launched an interesting new marketing campaign, The TikTok Kitchen is fun, quirky and will delight users. 

What is it? It’s a delivery-only restaurant that creates dishes from TikTok recipes. They have partnered with GrubHub (like JustEat) and Virtual Dining Concepts (people create food in their own kitchen…) to launch the project in the US in March. 

Why do this when you’re already the biggest thing in social media? It’s a great way to get people talking about you. The first thing I thought was how Instagrammable it was, imagine all those people on Insta talking about TikTok. It will also get more people to create content for the platform.

Revenue will be shared with the recipe creators. 

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