Is the UK still primary for ecommerce?

While the UK might be good at creating things, we’re often not great when it pertains to making use of these inventions to create wealth, jobs and exports. The good news is, the World Wide Web is a counterexample. Invented by Has offered the framework for modern electronic trade through ecommerce. This has actually proved to be a definite success for the UK:2018 Statistics Today,the UK dominates European

online trade. Latest figures from the European Commission program that European online retail for 2017 is EUR534 billion at an average growth rate of 11%. Of that, the UK accounts for a whopping EUR178 billion– i.e. the UK is responsible for a third of all European retail internet trade with less than 9%of Europe’s population. Germany and France each have around EUR93 billion in retail ecommerce; i.e. the UK’s B2C ecommerce market is around the like France and Germany combined.As a result the worldwide turnover for retail (B2C)ecommerce is now approximated at< a href= > $2.8 trillion US. The recently publishedWorldwide Ecommerce Report published by the Ecommerce Structure used an extensive set of approximated at$636 billion USdollars, United States B2Cwas approximated at$522 billion US dollars, and UK B2C ecommerce turnover was estimated at$ 208 dollars.Factoring in population size Scaling each of these relative to the size of the population provides: China =636/1416=449 USD per head of the population (Av.)US=522/327.5=1,594 USD per head of the population(Av.) UK=208/66.7= 3,118 USD per head of the population(Av.)The above

  • chart reveals two histograms. The one on the left is for ecommerce turnover per country. The graph on the right is online turnover scaled relative to the size of the population.As is so often the case with data, how well the UK is doing depends on how you select to define the variables and to determine the data. The UK

    • population is only 66.7/ =0.87%of the worldwide population
    • . On that basis, we do appear to be doing extremely well in what has quickly
    • become the most quickly growing area of worldwide trade.Is the UK still primary

    for ecommerce?