Jaw-dropping Digital marketing Stats to Rule the B2B World

By Alison Wurth:

In the ever-changing world of digital marketing, we live and die by the latest statistics. In the HR space, we prepare for the future based on projections and welcome the latest HR technology that could completely turn our world upside down. Sometimes we don’t like what we see, but what else can you do but embrace them?

These are sound assessments of the now and the later – a preview into the future so we can be as prepared as possible. Whether it’s artificial intelligence dictating your candidate experience or the realization that your business’ website will mostly be seen on mobile – we say, “Bring it on!”

Where the people go…the ads will follow. Take a glimpse into the future of #DigitalMarketing with these exciting statistics!

Digital Marketing

Overall, digital marketing is growing. From internet usage, Facebook users, money spent on digital advertising and U.S. spend on digital ads – it is clear to see the majority of advertising is growing in the digital realm. So, what does this mean for B2B? Your experience with digital ads could be as minimal as seeing targeting ads on Facebook that want you to purchase their item.

Based on their algorithms, the company made sure you saw it because you’re their target market! When it comes to B2B, it really isn’t that different. You have a target audience and you do everything in your power to show them your product is the absolute best.

U.S. spending on #DigitalMarketing is set to hit over $113 billion by 2020. Are you prepared? Discover everything you need to know to drive your digital strategy with these #B2B stats:

B2B Marketing

The focus on LinkedIn is unique to B2B digital marketing. For example, if a woman’s clothing company was advertising exclusively on LinkedIn…I imagine those seeing the ads would be a bit confused. In the popular professional social site, digital ads should reflect that.

While you’re there to network – you’re likely to see targeted ads that are suggesting their product would make your business run more smoothly. It makes so much sense that HR Technology ads are going to be found predominantly on LinkedIn – where those in the HR space are looking for new ideas and products for their recruiting efforts.

HR & Recruiting Tech

Digital marketing is always changing. But, what we can do is prepare and embrace what is coming. When technology comes your way that can simplify your business – welcome it! The stats show – internet use is growing. Where the people are, the ads will follow. And, if the people are there – so are the businesses, ready to make their pitch via digital ad to consumers and other businesses to prove their product or service is better than the next.

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