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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, JBL, and Under Armour have teamed up to create a new pair of “sweat-session-friendly” wireless headphones for all your bulking dreams come true.

Created specifically for “intense workouts,” the IPX4 rating Under Armour Project Rock Over-Ear Training Headphones are built to “withstand the sweatiest and toughest workouts” while also touting quite the mouthful of a name.

Engineered by JBL, the headphones promise to deliver ‘Charged Sound’ technology. This boasts amplified bass, and two modes of noise cancelation to ensure that users will never have to accidentally miss that beat drop when real life calls.

Image via Under Armour

‘TalkThru’ lowers the volume slightly so that you can still have a quick chat with your workout partners, and ‘Ambient Aware’ delivers a holistic, immersive listening experience that balances music with surrounding environmental noises.

So even if users are doing an outdoors run, their safety isn’t endangered as they’ll still be able to hear audio cues while enjoying high-quality music.

Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa make an appearance, too. Users are able to activate these features using voice control “instead of fiddling with buttons or wires,” the press release states.

The Rock himself is reported to have “personally approved” every single feature, ‘Adaptive Noise Cancelling’ and hands-free voice control included. The earcups are breathable, secure, and are also stamped with the Brahma Bull logo—The Rock’s official seal of approval.

Image via Under Armour

These headphones are priced at US$300 and can be found on Under Armour’s website alongside other offerings from the Project Rock collection.

Image via Under Armour

— Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) August 26, 2021


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