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In a world without drama or toxic behavior, ordering a ‘Johnny Depp Shot’ would bring you a rum-based concoction, as an allusion to the actor’s Pirates of the Caribbean role.

But this drink does not exist, at least in the bar that claims to serve it. It is a distress call for men who feel they may be in danger.

A photo of a sign, allegedly put up in the bathroom of a bar in the United States, urging male patrons to order a ‘Johnny Depp Shot’ as a call for help, has made its rounds online. Accordingly, using this phrase alerts the bartender to discreetly escort them to safety. The coining of the cocktail follows the high-profile defamation suit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, who had both accused each other of domestic abuse.

Asking for the shot to be served neat prompts staff to accompany the affected customer out of the premises. A Johnny Depp Shot “on the rocks,” on the other hand, tells service staff to call a taxi over, and a request for lime on the side triggers employees to call the police.

It takes inspiration from the ‘Angel Shot’, the counterpart for women who feel unsafe in bars, which itself is named after the ‘Ask for Angela’ sexual assault signal created by the Lincolnshire Rape Crisis hotline in 2016.

The Angel Shot, served at some drinking establishments in the US, uses about the same terminology as the codes for the Johnny Depp Shot. Asking for an Angel Shot to be served neat prompts the bartender to escort the caller to her car, while requesting to have it with ice alerts staff to call a cab. An Angel Shot with lime will involve the police.

With that being said, as the point of the Angel Shot is to send help without the assailant’s knowledge, some have questioned if quoting Depp’s name would be just as safe, considering the unyielding attention surrounding his relationship with Heard.

If you or someone you know is facing domestic abuse, please reach out to the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1.800.799.SAFE (7233), or text “START” to 88788, to connect to an expert. The lifeline is free and available 24/7, and all calls will be kept confidential. More resources can be found here.



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