Key Benefits of Digital Marketing

Although it can feel overwhelming, digital marketing is simply the use of the internet to reach your ideal customers.

With various channels and format options, digital advertising can work for all business types, sizes, and budgets. But what are some of the key benefits of integrating digital marketing to your annual plan:

Increase Message Frequency
A person needs to see a marketing message at least 7 times before they take action. By showing digital ads to the same recipients of your direct mail campaign or your social posts, you’ll be able to achieve more frequency in your message at a lower cost.
Reach People Throughout Their Day
Digital marketing can help maximize potential customers’ chances of making meaningful contact with your brand at a certain point throughout their day. Your ideal customer might read the morning paper before work, glance at websites and social media at the office, and check a smartphone app on the way home. You can’t always predict which touchpoints will be the winner, but having a consistent digital presence will improve the chances of one of them seeing your ad at the right time.
Optimize with Digital Analytics
Digital marketing can be extremely useful in gathering consumer data to build a successful marketing strategy. Business owners can better understand their customers using analytics. In turn, that information can be used to create a more powerful campaigns across all channels. The analytics can show where your customers live, what they are interested in, where they visit, which messages cause them to take action. By knowing which images and text resonate best with potential customers online, you can apply the same to all of your offline campaigns.
Regardless of your budget or existing channels, digital marketing is a major portion of an integrated marketing plan.

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