Konga to Invest N2.9 B in K-XPress to Solve E-Commerce Delivery in Nigeria

Olusiji Ijogun, Chairman of Konga, Nigeria’s composite e-commerce giants, has revealed that the business is set to invest N2.9 bn in its logistics arm, Kxpress to build a world-class delivery solutions business that will deal with the logistics difficulties in Nigeria.He made this
assertion when a section of the media captured up with him at a party held at Sheraton Hotel, Ikeja on Saturday, September 22nd 2018.
Ijogun, who was praised for the fast turn-around of Konga after its acquisition by the Zinox Group in January 2018 which has actually seen the company trending with new innovations, was also quizzed on how Konga has managed to handle the problems of delivery which has actually stunted e-commerce in Nigeria.Responding, Ijogun who confessed that logistics remains a significant challenge for e-commerce, nevertheless, noted that the new management of Konga has actually injected over 43 brand-new automobiles and 100 brand name new motorcycles into the system because it took control of, noting that the business has actually already begun work to produce an enduring solution that will work not just for Konga however other third-party logistics companies in Nigeria.”We have actually received approval from the board of Konga to invest
about N2.9 B in Kxpress to expand the fleet of lorries available in the pool in order to reach the last-mile faster and more conveniently. “The strategy is to add 200 new vans and 1000 motorcycles to
the system across the country. One aspect of this financial investment is our objective to work with other trustworthy, dedicated Nigerians as franchises to produce tasks for more individuals while the second part is our determination to guarantee exact same day shipment throughout Nigeria. Clients in Abuja, for example, might start enjoying very same day shipment from first week of October and very same will be extended gradually across the country.”We must comprehend, nevertheless, that fixing this obstacle exceeds increasing the number of lorries at our disposal. We are also investing greatly in setting up logistics centres nationwide, boosting our innovation and human capital,”he disclosed.While advising customers who have actually had to bear some troubles to keep faith with the Konga brand, Ijogun who presumed the position of Chairman at Konga in April 2018, further noted that the management of the company is working hard behind the scenes to raise standards in the e-commerce market, noting that the new efforts will manifest in the very first quarter of 2019.”Nigeria will feel the power of Konga as a clear leader in the Nigerian e-commerce space from the very first quarter of 2019.” Our mission is to build a world class composite e-commerce business that appreciates the requirements and aspirations of individuals and develops tailor-made options to fix them.
We have actually filtered the system within the first few months given that we took over to get rid of fake items and we have actually attained about 97 percent of very same day shipment of authentic products within our network but the ambition is to reach One Hundred Percent,”The post Konga to Invest N2.9 B in K-XPress to Deal With E-Commerce Delivery in Nigeria appeared first on CFA ‘s Tech Blog-Transforming Africa.

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