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Our secret, for being one of the top advertising agencies in Lebanon, is that we constantly improve our services by staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends and market changes.

Since we started in 2016, and along with our team of passionate digital marketers, developers and creative designers, we assisted hundreds of clients to expand their online presence. And while SocialWeTalk is continuously lauded as one of the best social media marketing companies based in Beirut, we invite you to benefit from our expertise and elevate your traditional marketing plan to an online business strategy.

What are the services and solutions that we offer?

In terms of economy, 2020 was a bumpy year for enterprises in Lebanon and around the globe, which were impacted by the temporary suspension of businesses due to the pandemic. Retailers, shopping malls, large establishments and even small shops were obliged to find alternative solutions to keep their businesses up and running.

In this time of uncertainty, IT and digital marketing companies encouraged firms to get a digital transformation. Some of the available solutions were: remote working, online meetings through video-conference, cloud services, digital selling, e-commerce, social media…

In fact, the majority of organizations had to switch, overnight, from direct relations with their customers to virtual interactions. So, this is where we stepped in. We were able to help international, Arab (GCC) and local companies, to stay in business through mandated shutdowns and restricted activity.

To get the most from their online presence, we offered our clients a full set of digital activities, in addition to Brand Optimization and Identity Conceptualization. Here is how we helped companies in Lebanon to keep their businesses afloat during the last 12 months:

Social Media Management & Content Marketing:

Nowadays, it is not a secret that social media marketing is one of the fastest and inexpensive advertising opportunities for businesses to promote their goods and to reach new sales leads around the globe.

We assisted several companies and stores by creating great content about their products and services including but not limited to social media posts, newsletters, educational articles, e-books, graphics and videos.

Then, based on a customized Social Media Strategy, we built their presence on social platforms, in order to help them find new potential customers and sell their products directly through these channels.

Lately, we implemented the social media marketing strategy of Gavia – a brand in the cosmetics industry. Our target was to grow their brand awareness and increase their online sales. First, we defined their brand image by revamping their photo shooting style, by choosing a typography reflecting the mood of the products and by shaping a color palette combining light grays and earthy golden tones. As part of our Content Strategy, and in order to increase the audience’s engagement and interactions, we designed both product-centric posts (to increase sales) and motivational posts including beauty tips (to increase retention by providing interesting and useful info to the followers). In less than 2 months, our managed campaigns brought new sales leads with satisfying results: 390K Reach / 600K Impressions and 13K Post Engagement. As for the general insights of their Instagram page, we were able to increase their Followers by 10%, Likes by 10K, and Post Interactions by 111%!

Learn more about our social media services. Feel free to Whatsapp us or send us an email anytime.

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