Learning in Action (LIA): Digital Marketing Manager

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Headquarters: Bethesda, MD

URL: http://www.learninginaction.com

 Driven, Compassionate, Innovative Digital Marketing Manager Profile 
We are in search of a driven, compassionate, innovative digital marketing manager to help us transform our business to enable us to transform more lives. 

This position is ideal for someone who: 
  • Wants to do well by doing good in the world –  wants to make a difference
  • Wants to working remotely and can work independently with minimal direction
  • Could work alone, but wants to be part of something bigger
  • Has both much to contribute and more to learn
  • Wants to always be getting better at their craft
  • Is thick-skinned and responds positively to feedback.  
The person we are seeking is someone who embodies certain attributes and attitudes at align with the company.    Who the person is, is more important than what they’ve done. 
We are in search of someone with the following: 
  • Prefers to work from home and is able to do so efficiently and without distraction
  • Possesses strong and flexible boundaries, values time away from work and will do whatever it takes to get the job done accurately and on time
  • Is thick skinned and is open and accepting of feedback, even when hard to hear
  • Is excited by the prospect of working in an organization with exceptionally high standards
  • Possesses exceptional emotional intelligence and can work with paradox
  • Is a self-starter, takes initiative, does things because they make sense and will help, not because asked 
  • Is knowledgeable, resourceful, and can figure things out themselves, without being told
  • Is self-directed, knows how to determine what’s needed and move forward without a lot of direction
  • Possesses a natural sense of urgency and timeliness
  • Takes responsibility for own work, admits mistakes
  • Is welcoming and expectant of change
  • Possesses and uses exceptional judgment
  • Is ultra-organized, able to prioritize what’s important and asks when not sure
  • Is warm, caring and values relationships
  • Works quickly and thoroughly, consistently checks own work for accuracy
  • Utilizes the 80/20 rule – knowing when 80% will do and when 100% is needed
  • Identifies self as full-stack marketer and has experience/familiarity with the basics of the following: writing, storytelling, blogging, research, branding, positioning, funnel marketing, video marketing, email marketing, paid marketing, content marketing, copywriting, HTML for WordPress, analytics, landing page optimization, CTA optimization, growth hacking, data gathering and management
  • Has exceptionally strong technical skills and abilities (meaning you enjoy figuring out how new technologies work)
  • Has ability to conceptualize new possibilities and is a creative thinker 
  • Has strong analytical abilities and ability to track and analyze marketing results
  • Is adept at planning and possesses strong project management skills
  • Has over 7 years of business experience, understands what drives a successful businesses and has over 3 years of marketing experience
  • Has experience implementing and utilizing full functionality of a CRM 
  • Has experience developing, implementing and managing marketing automation software and sales funnels
  • Has experience with Facebook Marketing, SEO, and website design and management
Driven, Compassionate, Innovative Digital Marketing Manager 
The initial responsibilities of the position would be:
  • Hours:  ~40 hours/week.  General business hours, however we tend to be flexible.  Results are more important that time schedule.
  • Location: Virtual – at your home (ideally in an area of the country with a low cost of living)
  • Note:   This is a great role for someone who wants to work, and prefers high flexibility.  It’s not a good role for someone who wants to clock out at a certain time. While we believe in maintaining focus on family, friends and our personal lives, we have a commitment to our clients and to each other that means that sometimes the work needs to be completed during unpredictable times.
Goal 1:  To develop and sustain a consistently predictable means of attracting and retaining new clients.  Our engagement with existing clients and referrals is high.  The open territory lies in the strategies and tactics that lead to new clients from non-referral sources. 
Goal 2:  To develop the LIA brand into a respected, trusted resource for training, community and development among coaches, consultants and LD professionals. 
Goal 3:  To increase the lifetime value of our clients, creating longer, stronger, more engaged and valuable relationships. 
Initiatives supporting these goals would include: 
  • Developing and implementing a strategy and process for using content to develop relationships that lead to new clients
  • Developing strategy and process for consistent, predictable client acquisition
  • Assisting in the development of content
  • Planning marketing campaigns and managing/controlling budget for digital marketing
  • Developing and implementing strategies for optimization of each phase of the customer journey with emphasis on traffic and conversion
  • Developing and implementing a plan and a process for retaining, recognizing, and rewarding our top clients to increase lifetime value
  • Leading the effort to redevelop/redesign the company website 
    • Selecting and engaging web design firm 
    • Leading the project management effort 
    • Creating and coordinating content 
    • Optimizing for usability, design, conversion 
    • Devising strategies for driving online traffic to website
      • Tracking website statistics
  • Creating and maintaining marketing calendar across all trainings and promotions 
    • Creating customer messaging in the voice of the company to speak to each market segment uniquely 
    • Developing marketing campaigns to promote company products and services over time 
  • Selecting and implementing a CRM 
    • Determining the optimal CRM for the company 
    • Scrubbing existing client and prospect lists for loading in CRM 
    • Developing a strategy for tagging prospects and leads for tracking and triggering 
    • Setting up marketing automation for all marketing funnels 

To apply: [email protected]