Leveraging Digital Marketing to Create Experiential Marketplace

Have you ever imagined that while you’re on Facebook, you’ll notice advertisements for similar products you’ve previously searched for, or that Amazon will show you offers based on previous purchases, or that your mailbox, or at the very least your spam folder, will be flooded with offers that match your previous searches?

Welcome to the fascinating world of ‘Digital Marketing. Smart marketers today access millions of customers every minute across the world using well-designed tactics that collect your preferences, past search records, age, and location trends. Digital marketing is becoming a pervasive reality that is rewriting old techniques of targeting products, services, ideas, organizations, and memberships to an audience.

To put it simply, digital marketing is the advertising of products and services to specific clients using electronic media. You can reach a wider audience in less time. Traditional marketing has suffered significantly as a result of technological advancements. Humanity has progressed to computers and handheld devices; wherein digital marketers have gained traction.

Traditional methods of marketing, such as magazines, newspapers, and even television, have given way to social media and the internet. In 2022, the typical person spends 147 minutes per day on social media, increasing from 90 minutes ten years before.Global social network penetration is roughly 54%, implying that more than half of the world’s 7+ billion people are linked to some type of social media. This reaches 79% in Western Europe, with around 10.65 million social media users in the UAE at the start of 2022. This is the spectrum on which corporations design their marketing strategies; the level of interest will be tremendous both now and in the future.

When it comes to medium preference, Facebook is a clear frontrunner with 99% as the first option for digital marketers, followed by Twitter at 97%, Pinterest at 69%, and Instagram at 59%.

Facebook operates on a ‘pay-per-click’ basis, which means that marketers pay Facebook based on the number of clicks produced by their advertising. This allows advertisers to directly analyze clicks at different times of the week, as well as demographic profiling of consumers and associated interest. So, how many clients are searching for hotels, cab services, or even sightseeing choices when looking for airline tickets? This enables travel agents to present the consumer with a variety of offerings. Smart data analytics combined with consumer profiling aids in the formulation of seasonal discounts to popular locations, the selection of partnering with credit card providers, and even advice to prior customers in the same months in the coming years.

Some related aspects and possible employment opportunities of Digital Marketing are:

Depending on your skillset, you may choose a variety of roles such as:

LinkedIn data suggests that fresher in the field earn $52,000 per year, which goes to $ 70,000 per annum at mid-level $70,000 and may top at $110,000 per annum at the senior level, well these figures are for today and we are sure you have your vision set for a very long term in Digital Marketing.

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