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Bad quarantine hairdos were a side effect of the lockdown that should never have happened, and we’re all wiser for it now. However, if the thought of heading to the salon for a new look still seems cumbersome and expensive, the good news is you can resume DIY makeovers at home—sans the headaches.

L’Oréal, which claims its founder invented the first synthetic hair dye in 1907, is revolutionizing home beauty treatments again with ‘Colorsonic’, its first-ever at-home hair color electronic. The device is designed to ensure an even coat of dye every time, just like it’s done at salons.

The gadget might be a lifesaver in this remote-based era, but according to the beauty brand, it has been five years in the making alongside the input of customers—the COVID-19 pandemic and its hand in making consumers take the DIY route only accelerated Colorsonic’s creation.

The handheld device comes with nozzle-bristles that distribute dye with a simple comb. It oscillates 300 times per second in a zig-zag pattern, allowing the color to transfer evenly across your head while eliminating mess, Gizmodo details. The hair dye can be rinsed off after 30 minutes.

Video screenshot via L’Oréal

Colorsonic is compatible with 40 hair colors, which are each contained in a reusable cartridge that also contains developer. The two components are first kept separate and are mixed at an optimal proportion when the gadget is at work.

Excess product can even be stored in the cartridge for future touchups. On top of that, L’Oréal says that it uses “less plastic per application than home box hair color,” while the accompanying gloves is reusable for up to 10 times.

As good as all these sound, the gadget is only scheduled for launch in the US in early 2023. L’Oréal will first demonstrate the technology at CES 2022.

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