Lucky Charms Cereal Celebrates St Patrick’s Day By Turning Your Milk Green – Corporate B2B Sales & Digital Marketing Agency in Cardiff covering UK

General Mills has released a limited-edition version of its Lucky Charms cereal in celebration of St Patrick’s Day.

The brand has decided to trade its iconic rainbow-shaped cereal for magical clover marshmallow charms, green four-leaf clovers, and pots of gold. The best part about this cereal? It turns your milk into a festive shade of green.

Priced at US$3.33, the Lucky Charms Turn Milk Green cereal is available to purchase at supermarkets, grocery stores, and selected retail locations nationwide.

Lucky Charms has also partnered with Crocs on a marshmallow charm-themed Jibbitz set and tapped Hasbro to create a Lucky’s CharmWorld by Candy Land game. It has also partnered with Cold Stone Creamery for a range of Lucky Charms Shake menu items and Lucky Charms Ice Cream, available at selected locations come 1 March.

You will be in awe when you see Lucky’s 🍀clovers🍀 magically turn your milk green! Find specially marked boxes before they disappear. #magicallydelicious

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