Main trends of the innovative retail E-Commerce market in Japan

E-Commerce development rates tend to slow down in sophisticated markets.The E-Commerce market is fairly young and quickly growing in the majority of nations worldwide. In a number of innovative markets, E-Commerce growth rates have actually currently slowed down. One such country is Japan, the second largest B2C E-Commerce market in Asia. Online retail grew at a single-digit percentage rate in sales from 2016 to 2017. Web penetration in Japan is the greatest in the

Asia-Pacific region.Japan demonstrates the qualities of a highly established e-Commerce

market: cross-border online shopping, mobile commerce or the omnichannel retailing. The framework for these magnificent outcomes is the high rate of usage of the various innovations by Japanese consumers. Practically all people in Japan use the Web, and the nation has the greatest web penetration rate in the Asia-Pacific area. Due to an advanced smart device penetration rate, M-Commerce sales in Japan are expected to reach almost a half of overall online retail sales by 2021. Payment by charge card and online food getting are the leading trends of E-Commerce in

Japan.Japanese online shoppers choose to spend for their purchases with a credit card, the usage rate which is at least 2 times

greater than that of other payment methods. The smartphone payments for online purchases, with services like Osaifu-Keitai, LINE Pay and Apple Pay, also experience development in popularity. Fashion is the most popular online product classification in Japan as in most E-Commerce markets. More interesting is that the second largest category in terms of online sales is “Food, drink and wine”. Its E-Commerce sales volume was close to that of”Clothing and related products”by the end of 2017. The leading 3 marketplaces are battling for a bigger piece of the Japanese E-Commerce pie. Amazon, Rakuten and Yahoo! Shopping represent nearly half of the Japanese E-Commerce market. In 2016 Amazon Japan surpassed Rakuten in terms of a market share and in 2017

it enhanced its position becoming the most checked out E-Commerce website in Japan. Japanese Amazon users named a large selection as the primary competitive benefit of the platform compared with other E-Commerce websites.

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