Marketing School – Digital Marketing and Online Marketing Tips: How to Get a Great NPS Score in 6 Months #1722

How to Get a Great NPS Score in 6 Months In episode #1722, we talk about how to get a great NPS score in six months. NPS stands for Net Promoter Score and is the average of the rating your customers give your product. While negative feedback from a customer might seem bad, it is the gold you are looking for to help you improve. Tune in to hear the value of setting up a system for feedback and improvement. TIME-STAMPED SHOW NOTES: [00:25] Today’s topic: How to Get a Great NPS Score in 6 Months. [00:27] What is NPS or Net Promoter Score? [01:08] How to incorporate feedback from people who leave bad reviews. [01:55] Getting a better NPS score is not just about improving one thing. [02:20] Separating the signal from the noise. [02:34] How Eric runs his NPS measuring automatically. [03:47] Please rate, review, and subscribe to this podcast!   Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:     Leave Some Feedback:     What should we talk about next? Please let us know in the comments below Did you enjoy this episode? If so, please leave a short review.     Connect with Us:       

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