Maximize your e-commerce sales and marketing campaigns for the Holiday season with Clever Ecommerce!

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The holidays are fast approaching, and you want to start preparing for Cyber Week ASAP.

What is Cyber Week?

  • It’s a mega retail event that consists of major shopping events for Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday (and a new, friendly addition, Green Monday.)

Here are the dates:

  • Thanksgiving: November 25th
  • Black Friday: November 26
  • Cyber Monday: November 29
  • Green Monday: Second Monday in December (December 13th)

Some facts:

  • A massive $9 billion was spent on Black Friday alone, in 2020.
  • Over 100 million people ended up snagging their Black Friday deals online.
  • Holiday shoppers spent $10.8 billion on Cyber Monday, up 15.1% from a year ago, setting a record for the largest U.S. online shopping day ever, according to Adobe.
  • Research says that during the months of November and December, ecommerce revenue grows by 30%. The third most profitable retail sales day after Black Friday and Cyber Monday during this time is Green Monday.

Now, here are some tips provided from our Clever E-commerce team:

  • Temporarily personalize and decorate your e-commerce site for the holidays!
    • Creating a festive environment in your e-commerce site such as temporarily altering your logo in ads or changing the colors in your site to give customers a sense of familiarity while it sets the festive mood.
  • Amp up your online marketing campaigns to maximize sales and reach more people.
    • Most of us on this community have smaller e-commerce sites and while this may be a little discouraging when thinking of big name brands and retailers, don’t fret! Over 30% of consumers shop a retailer or brand they’ve never made a purchase with, while looking for the perfect gift for their loved ones. The key is to build the perfect campaign- perhaps with search ads, display and shopping ads, or re-marketing campaigns!
    • Email marketing is also a great way to bring back previous customers! It’s well-known that it is a lot easier to convince customers to buy a product when they already have bought from you than convincing new customers to purchase from your store.
  • Invest into your PPC campaigns
    • Make sure you check your performance from last year and draw useful conclusions. Do a keyword research on people who are mostly searching for you and add them to your ad groups. Use remarketing campaigns in order to bring customers back to your store and remind them about your brand/products. And last but not least, increase your budget significantly. You don’t want your campaigns to run out of a budget and stop appearing when people are searching for your products at its peak.
    • Mobile ecommerce remains a big deal and unsurprisingly, mobile searches purchases have surpassed those done on desktops in the past years.
    • Check your Site’s Speed. You can use Google’s Mobile-Friendly test. All you need to do is enter your URL and the tool will tell you whether your pages are easy to use on mobile and even offer some additional resources that may help you. 
    • Work on your overall UX design to make your mobile site user friendly. Since mobile presence is so big nowadays, it is crucial for your ecommerce sales to make sure all your links, buttons, and fonts are easy to read on smaller mobile screens.
  • Be Active on Social Media Platforms
    • Social networks are a crucial aspect of your online store’s promotion on Green Monday. They present an awesome opportunity to raise brand awareness, build strong relationships with your customers and, above all, create buzz around your products and deals. Use festive content, interact with your users, use appropriate hashtags, promote any special deals and offers your business may have for the holiday season!

Here are some additional resources for tips and tricks to take advantage of the holiday season:

Hope this helps you guys out a bit (:

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