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Hi Erik, Good afternoon! How is your day?

Hi, Good Afternoon! My morning has been busy. We had a tough time today. Most of the p​asar borong​ (wholesale market) are closed. Some of the supply chains have been disrupted but most of our supplies come directly from the farm. So, we’re good and hanging in there.

You’ve been busy everyday right? Including the weekends.

Yup, I had not experienced a 9-to-5 life till now. This definitely feels like a 9-to-5 job. You have to start at 9 am sharp, making sure everything is ready and our customers stay happy.

Tell me more about your team and what is your story behind E-Petani.

I come from a retail and agriculture background. We sell durians with my other company called Durian King TTDI. That’s pretty well known. So, I believe in our expertise [in the retail and agriculture field]. e-Petani started when a few farmers gave me a call. They asked, “Hey, could you please help us to sell my products?” I received calls from farmers in Kelantan and Selangor to sell their produce. After a few calls, I figured I should start something so I proposed this idea to one of my friends. We were excited so that’s how it started.

We started from a humble beginning as we would conduct meetings and run everything at home. Finally, we managed to get a platform and set everything up in 5 days.

That’s impressive. We’re amazed by the pace you guys managed to set everything up.

I am amazed myself as well looking back at it.

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