Mediastellar: the digital marketing agency that is revolutionising advertising |

Accompanying ambitious brands to grow through digital marketing is Mediastellar’s promise.

Specialist in branding and influence marketing with morethan 1500 influencers across the globe at attractiveprices, companies that choose Mediastellar can developtheir brand image through different services, all driven byexperts in their field.

An agency created by two passionate marketing experts

These two co-founders, Vianney Merian and Nathan Sanahuja, who have been active in the influence marketing field for more than 6 years now, have decided to pool their expertise to help ambitious professionals with the idea of growing their business.

Vianney Merian and Nathan Sanahuja are among the leading figures in the field of digital marketing, with a very successful track record of coaching and supporting brands to grow their business.

An expert in influence marketing and all marketing, Nathan Sanahuja has already accompanied more than 350 brands in their collaboration with the biggestcelebrities and influencers of the moment. With severalmillion in sales generated by its publication campaigns,the brands that have placed their trust in NathanSanahuja have managed to break all records.

Associated with Vianney Merian, who, after having headed his own influence agency, launched and developed several very well-known brands on themarket that generated several millions in turnover, thetwo young men have established themselves as leaders in the field of marketing.

Expend your personal branding with Mediastellar

Branding is undoubtedly one of the most important elements to take into account and not to neglect in order to develop your business.

And the two co-founders of the agency have understood this.

With different services offered to their clients, all complementary to each other, everything is done to obtain a 360 degree visibility.

Because today, the power of social networks is no longer to be demonstrated, Mediastellar offers its clients more than 1500 influencers to highlight your products and/or services. With famous celebrities all over the world, each client can find his ideal and will be accompanied step by step by the Mediastellar team members.

Indeed, guiding its clients towards success isMediastellar’s promise, which is kept, as it offerscustomised services according to the client’s needs.

Need a press appearance? Know that brand awareness is also acquired through search engines. Mediastellar’s team accompanies brands and creates a tailor-madepress campaign to increase the credibility of its clientson the internet.

With many more services, such as the creation andredesign of your website, the provision of photo shootsto obtain the best visual result for your products, theMediastellar agency is undoubtedly the most complete inthe sector.

Nothing is left to chance by Vianney Merian and NathanSanahuja who have put their new digital marketingagency at the top of the list.

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