MIMA Scholarships: Celebrating the Next Generation of Digital Marketing

Our creator, Robin Carpenter, committed her profession to mentoring young professionals and empowering everybody in the Twin Cities digital marketing neighborhood to do much better. As an establishing member of the Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association (MIMA)– the longest-standing digital marketing association in the nation– Robin felt highly that education and partnership would help the Twin Cities in developing talented digital professionals.It is only fitting,

then, that MIMA honors Robin’s tradition– and that of her contemporary, Jarrid Grams– with its yearly MIMA scholarship, funded through contributions from Fathom Consulting. This year, the Carpenter household has actually financed among 3 scholarships, a testament to just how much her family believes in the work Robin started numerous years ago.

The Jarrid Grams and Robin Carpenter Memorial Scholarshipis offered to undergraduate or graduate students pursuing careers in marketing, technology, interactions, and math. To make an application for this year’s scholarship, each trainee was asked to produce a marketing prepare for a fictitious company, including budget, creative principles, method, positioning, and digital executions.As a long-time member and previous president of MIMA– and friends with both Robin and Jarrid– I have been privileged to serve on the committee that examines the trainee elections and picks the recipients. I was blown away by this year’s student entrants, who showed inventiveness, technique, and vision beyond their years. Nothing makes me prouder than awarding these scholarships to our 2018 MIMA Scholars: Katie Coyne, Morgan Kuphal and Riley Plisek– here at Fathom Consulting on June 6. When I first got included with MIMA, the Twin Cities was not acknowledged as a hotbed for digital marketing.

Long considered” flyover country “by Silicon Valley, the digital marketing community was reasonably detached. Thanks to the leadership of individuals like Robin, MIMA has actually helped develop a merged community with a typical objective of raising the Twin Cities as a growth market for digital.Today, students are discovering their method into careers in the Twin Cities, thanks in part to MIMA offering

them the education, networking connections and job leads they require to discover interesting work and remain in our region. We hope this year’s scholarship receivers– and all of our past receivers– will share their success with others and contribute to our growing digital marketing community.Students of any major are welcome to read more and use at http://mima.org/student-scholarship.

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