Mmojo Data Marketplace Launched– GZ Consulting

Mmojo Match List results display screen match ratings with a drill down option on match criteria.A brand-new data market, called Mmojo, was launched late last month.The service provides cloud based prospecting, health, segmentation analysis, look-a-likes, and information enrichment for B2B marketers. CEO Hank Weghorst sees the SMB market as Mmojo’s sweet area. Mmojo describes itself as “the B2B information marketing information whatever application.””Quality in B2B Marketing depends upon information, especially in today’s world where data is everywhere,” describes the company on its website.” The problem is you need to do all the work: discover the information, certify the information, cross-reference the information, evaluate the data, and maintain the data. Your Marketing Automation and CRM systems are not created to do this. They NEED information to feed them and make them reliable. Exactly what if you had a user friendly system that did all that work for you? Mmojo does all of this for your existing data and for new data to drive your marketing programs.”The Mmojo database covers 20 million US companies and 80 million contacts with strategies to add worldwide data in 2019. Contacts include titles, job functions, e-mails, direct dial phones, and social deals with. Business intelligence includes firmographics, Aberdeen technographics(premium dataset ), M&A heat scores, and public business financials and ratios.”It’s been proven that using premium information will drive much better marketing outcomes. We developed Mmojo with the sole

function of providing simple and affordable access to this valuable information commodity,”commented Weghorst.” This technique, performed utilizing our partner relationships and most notably our cutting-edge innovation, has enabled us to change the video game.”Data matching is carried out against company, domain, phone, IP address, e-mail, and additional variables as picked by the Mmojo AI match logic. Matching is done instantly so users do not require to produce a field mapping table between Mmojo and their source file; however, users can remap fields if Mmojo selected the wrong field or there are multiple similar columns (e.g. shipping and billing addresses). The match results list consists of the match rating and Mmojo ExC company identifier. Users can click a match score to see extra details about the match. They can also rapidly customize the match limit and see how lots of records fulfill the adjusted limit level.Once a list is matched, the user can click the List Analytics tab and view segmentation (state, income, employees, top markets)in addition to match analytics.

The” Sky Profile, “a trademarked function, represents the “absolute centroid”of the list by income, staff members, and industry. The Sky Profile ought to be deemed a common record.A List Information tab shows the field fill rates of the initial file and the matched Mmojo field.Tomorrow I will be covering Mmojo’s prospecting functionality.

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