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By now, if you’ve ready even 1/3rd of my blog posts, you know that content is important to me. It’s something we implement with all of our clients, to drive more organic traffic, and connect with potential customers.

While for many, this is exactly what they want out of content and it is enough. But for others, they want to push the envelop even further. Outside of selling products and services, what else can content do for them?

We’re all aware of subscription content like podcasts and paywalls. In fact, for many of us, we already have a few subscriptions of our own already. But for the small business, sometimes those “traditional” outlets (funny to think of podcasts as “traditional” now) may not be a right fit. Businesses have spent years growing their social media followings, and with decreased organic reach, it just might be time to see how you can start monetizing that following with the content you’re already creating.

Live Badges on Instagram – Instagram Live has long been a way for content creators to connect with their audiences. Influencers and businesses alike have utilized the platform to give updates, share information and showcase behind the scenes, especially during the Covid closures. Instagram’s recent launch of Live Badges allows viewers to monetarily support the creator during their lives. If you’re creating blog or video content, Instagram Live can be a great place to discuss this content, dive deeper and get support from your followers. It also could be a great opportunity to bring in fellow experts on your different content topics and provide valuable content for your audience.

Facebook Stars – If your audience tends to gravitate towards Facebook over Instagram then Facebook Stars is what you want. Similar to Live Badges, Facebook Stars allows followers to send you stars and digital gifts during a live. Facebook will pay the creator $.01 per star collected.

YouTube – For those with lots of video content, YouTube can be an excellent place to monetize it (and it still the leader in content monetization). With a variety of options ranging from ad revenue, memberships, Super Chat and YouTube Premium, there are many ways for a creator to make money.

Clubhouse – Still new on the scene, content creators are flocking to Clubhouse and its easy way to rope followers and influencers alike into discussions together. With the ability to schedule live chats, as well as followers to jump into different rooms and discussions, it’s become the “live” version of podcasts – something audiences can listen to and interact with while performing other tasks. Clubhouse Payments is still in Beta testing, but the new feature will allow listeners to send money to creators during chats. Now is the time to build up your audience on the platform if this is something you’re looking to take advantage of later.

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