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Most popular e-Commerce retailers exposed

0 With London Fashion Week underway, trends data provider SEMrush crunched online style search data to reveal online shopping patterns and the most popular e-commerce websites in terms of style sales, over the past year.

Overall, traffic for online style websites increased by 27%. In the UK, the busiest e-commerce sites were ASOS, followed by Next and Adidas. This follows from SEMrush’s preliminary research study, released more than a year ago, which discovered that ASOS ( was the most visited fashion website, worldwide. In February 2018, H&M ( stole the lead. Since September 2018, we found that internationally, Macy’s ( has actually surged past both ASOS and H&M:


During the last 12 months, the most searched brand on Google around the world was H&M, followed by ZARA, Adidas and Nike. In the UK, internet browsers were most interested in New Look, TopShop, Boohoo and River Island.SEMrush looked at the

e-commerce style sites and brand names that are most queried by consumers who utilize the particular keyword,”online.”Worldwide, the analysis discovered that the fashion websites most queried with the “online”keyword are H&M, ZARA and C&A Online Shop. Primark is the&leader in searches using the”online” keyword in the U.K., followed by Zara and H&M. Internationally, the most popular e-commerce site browsed for males is Zara and for women Ugg.” Zara man”and” Uggs for ladies”were the keywords used most frequently in search inquiries throughout the year. In the U.K., people searched primarily for”Zara guy”for men’s style and “Vans”for females’s. Twitter About is the online paper for London’s

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