Most Valuable Digital Marketing Lessons from Netflix’s Squid Game

Marketing professionals may utilize any marketing strategies that use electronic gadgets to send promotional content and track its impact throughout the client journey. Digital marketing, in essence, refers to marketing initiatives that appear on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer. It can come in many different forms, such as online video, display advertisement, social media postings, and ads. Digital marketing is frequently contrasted with conventional marketing methods, including magazine advertisements, direct mail, and billboards. Surprisingly, television is sometimes grouped with conventional marketing.

You have certainly heard or read online about Netflix’s Korean series Squid Game, regardless of whether you love to spend your evenings watching TV episodes on streaming or not. Nevertheless, it is among the most popular series in 2021, and, maybe unexpectedly, it provides important business-related information.

The Netflix show focuses on situations in which poor individuals are encouraged to participate in children’s gameplay with dreadful risks if they fail. Compared to the other major Netflix programs, Squid Game received almost little promotion in the United States before its premiere, but it nonetheless managed to be one of the most talks of the town story of the year.

The story was already written around 2009, with the writer attempting to have it chosen up for years, but nobody ever wanted to make such a violent and unrealistic storyline. But, like any digital marketing business that has undergone an overall website checkup for its success, the show’s popularity is largely a result of great luck and excellent timing.

So, whether you are an avid fan of the show or a digital marketer, the top 10 critical digital marketing lessons you can find in this successful Korean game series are listed below.

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