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This marketing package can include a website design but it is not always required. Sometimes, our new MSP clients have a great-looking website, and they only need to build landing pages and do on site content and image edits. If your website is in WordPress we will evaluate it and make a recommendation. If you are on WIX or another DIY web builder tool, we will have to move you to WordPress and another more robust Content Management System.  We take a never stop getting better approach to website design and maintenance. The goal is to be constantly making improvements and upgrades so that we rarely have to do a full re-design.

Content Marketing:

Top of The Funnel (TOFU) Content

Top of The Funnel (TOFU) Content Marketing focuses on prospects doing research about a problem. We call it top of the funnel, but it can often lead to a quick conversion. Top-of-the-funnel content marketing is effective because we are helping the user (prospect) solve a problem and we will offer them some type of free resource to do so. We don’t expect anything in return for our free content, but will we give the client the opportunity to trade his email or contact information for even more freemium content.   TOFU content, when done right, will attract your targeted audience to your website so that we can begin to build a relationship.  TOFU content also helps with part of our SEO plan by building relevancy and hopefully popularity. Great content also helps position you as an expert in your field.

Middle of the Funnel (MOFU) Content

Middle of the Funnel (MOFU) Content marketing focuses on getting the client to give you permission to market to them. MOFU content may include ebooks, how-to videos, industry white papers, or tips that are perceived as not available to the public.  Middle of the Funnel content is the transition from a handshake to the let’s get coffee to discuss your problems. Middle of the Funnel content nurtures leads, educates prospects, and builds your brand credibility.  MOFU content is critical to any successful B2B marketing strategy.

Bottom of the Funnel (BOFU) Content

Bottom of the Funnel (BOFU) Content is content designed to help you convert the prospect into a client. This content focuses on why your business is best qualified to solve their problem and why you are a good fit to be their business partner. One mistake a lot of B2B marketers make, is that they only produce BOFU content – we have been guilty of it ourselves.  BOFU content takes the form of in-depth case studies targeted to a market niche, white papers, videos and use cases. (We engage in a lot of BOFU that we don’t share with the public, if you want a more detailed list, you can request one here)

Content Included

Google My Business Management and Citation Cleanup

Google Business Profile Optimization Benefits:

Google actively works to keep searches on their site and not send them to your web page. The Google Business Profile helps them accomplish this goal. The longer a user is on Google, the more likely they are to click an advertisement. We try to use this to your advantage. Your profile page needs to be optimized and presented to the users in such a way to encourage click-to-call actions as well as clicks for more information.

An optimized Google Profile will:

Citation / Directory Management Benefits:

Google uses a lot of methods to gather and verify the data its spiders crawl on the web. Google tries to deduce what companies are legitimate brands and which are not. Citations help us train Google that your business is what it says it is, where it says it is located and can do what you say it can do. In addition to buying data, Google crawls the major and minor directories and social networks to verify your business.

Our citation service will:

Reputation and Review Management

Your good reputation does a number of things to help your business, one of the most important is conversions. A great reputation with a lot of 5 star reviews tells people that it is safe to do business with you. It tells Google it’s safe to send client to you and it improves your overall trust. Seota built its own tool to help you manage your reputation. It’s called Review Fire and it has gathered 100s of thousands of customer feedback responses and tens of thousands of Google reviews.

Our Reputation Services will:

Evergreen Local SEO

We are well known for our process-driven local SEO process. Everything listed above will work to improve your national and local SEO, but we have a few other tricks up our sleeve.

Included are activities such as:

Benefits of Local SEO:

Reporting, Key Metrics, and Tracking the Competition

We track a ton of data and KPIs while we help you grow your business. We will provide you with a dashboard where you can see the most important metrics in real-time whenever you like. We will also take time to explain what we are tracking and why we are tracking it.

Client Meetings & Quarterly Business Reports

The Marketing Leader Package starts at $2,500 per month

This package is tailored to your needs so the price can vary based on the size of your market, the marketing maturity of the competition, your business objectives, and your budget.

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