Mtn Dew Uncannily Resurrects Bob Ross In Ad Teaching You How To Paint Soda – Corporate B2B Sales & Digital Marketing Agency in Cardiff covering UK

Mtn Dew has brought iconic TV painter Bob Ross to life in its latest campaign.

Ross captivated the world with his step-by-step guide to painting landscapes up until his death in 1995. For this campaign, Mtn Dew worked together with agency TBWA/Chiat/Day New York and the Bob Ross Foundation to bring back the spirit of Ross to life through CGI.

In the clip, ‘Bob Ross’ can be seen painting one of his famous landscapes, but the camera soon cuts to a bottle of Mtn Dew as he paints some “happy little droplets.”

“Sometimes in life, you get a little thirsty,” the artist declares, before grabbing the bottle from the canvas and drinking it. “Shoot, that’s good,” he says to the camera.

According to a spokesperson for Mtn Dew, the image of Ross was formed via CGI with an actor whose body and demeanor resembled his.

Mtn Dew will be launching a full episode of Paint With Bob on 6 March, where the resurrected Ross will teach how to create the Dew painting. The campaign will also include an exclusive paint kit giveaway and a virtual charity auction.


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