Music Sales in 2018: Mid-Year Marketplace & Database Highlights

Music Sales in 2018: Discogs Mid-Year Marketplace Analysis & & Database Highlights

We’re somehow already past the middle of 2018, which indicates something for you vinyl pattern watchers: It’s time for us to break open our books and reveal the data we’ve collected from the Discogs Database and Marketplace for a better take a look at music sales in 2018 and Discogs’ growth. And, when again, we’re comparing some of our numbers to the Nielsen Music Mid-Year Report. The Nielsen report provides thorough insights into exactly what individuals are paying attention to and how they are listening. This data notifies our understanding of how the music industry– and music consumers– are changing.Nielsen Music is reporting that physical album sales are down once again for 2018( -14.6 %), while Discogs ‘Marketplace sales are up, with a 10.2%boost in orders and 15.8% boost in revenue.Vinyl and CD submissions to the Discogs Database have both reduced somewhat( -3.13% and -1.47 %, respectively ), while cassettes and other formats (a combination of digital releases and physical media )have increased (+8.96%and +4.50%, respectively) for a net increase in submissions(+12.32%). Jack White Boarding House Reach

  • Something incorrect with the calculation about database submission formats …? Please re-check your 2018 numbers, the total seems miscalculated.I see that cd’s are

  • still strong– submissions are 2/3 of vinyls. But if someone doesn’t know this appeal of cd’s he could think there is just one medium: VINYL! VINYL! VINYL! Due to the fact that it get hyped those days and cd’s are under the radar.:–LRB- I love discogs and I still(and will forever)like compact disc!Hello, with all the cash you make please use it to make your website

  • much better, your online search engine better and completely change the phone app because it draws. Also eliminate double entries and aim to get the artists in one place rather of different places. Please do finally something for the individuals who pay you. Bye guus I hope you people up in Oregon are getting filthy rich with this program. Why? you provide such an extraordinary program for us

    out in collector world. For several years I had a hard time calmly and painfully with my jazz music-never any wish for legitimate information. The typical jazz dealership helping me out … “Oh, that album is trash but I will offer you$.5 o cents for it is it perfectly clean”. Then they resold it for$50. Now I have access to incredible research study files and help from hundreds of individuals just like me. Keep up the great work and thanks again. Rex I never ever left vinyl and sure more than happy to see its return as far as I’m concerned VINYL IS FINAL!!!:) Not that surprising that more cassettes are being listed. Even if weren’t

  • having an uptick in popularity, there merely have been less cassette variation of a specific release listed to

  • the database. Though we can see more people ready to admit they did gather the little shells. Maybe 8-Tracks will have their day once again, quickly.

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