New Trend in Digital Marketing for 2021 to Reach the Buyers

2020 was a devastating year for the business industry with lots of chaos during the pandemic situation. Some trends which were predicted during the pre-pandemic time were executed while some others did not get the chance to emerge. In fact, the marketing industry has been reshaped during last year. eCommerce sales showed notable progress since people spent lots of time online and on social media. This has changed the way consumers connected with the brands.

So, what is the new marketing trend for 2021? Have a look…

– Live Streaming and Influencer Content
People have to stay at home and hence, consumers were not able to attend events personally or socialize with family and friends. As a result, online workshops, live streams of different brands or live video of some celebrity gained popularity. Human-driven contents like influencer live streaming created trust and set up a connection with consumers. Influencers used online platform for promoting their products at live events. Thus, live streams became shoppable and viewers can purchase while watching.

– Brand Transparency
A brand has to be transparent because consumers cannot connect with insincere or “shady” brands. Why should consumers invest in brands that they cannot believe or trust? Thus, establishing the connection is pivotal for businesses this year. Brands should dig deep to know the ways of flourishing during turbulent times.

– UGC for Enhancing Customer Experience
Customer experience was never so important as now. Consumers look for an enjoyable experience with their preferred brands. Before purchasing they want assurance and proof because no one wishes to make a wrong buying decision. This is where UGC or User-generated content proves to be an effective way of establishing relationships with consumers.

– Emphasizing Sustainability
The majority of the consumers feel that a company should improve our environment and that is why there is a preference for brands that have greater sustainability in future. It can be sustainable with reference to materials used, its systems, its packaging and so on. We all look for a greener planet and hence, seek brands that are environment-friendly and have a purpose.

– Increased Visual Search and Voice
You must have heard about Alexa. It is the voice-activated tool that many consumers are using for searching their brands and products. No matter what the reason is, voice search is expected to prevail in 2021 as well together with other innovative searching methods like visual search. Google Lens is another popular medium of searching. Thus, marketers have to focus more on sitemaps and image-alt text for images. Visuals are likely to become highly essential for Digital marketing and SEO.

The unpredictable nature of last year has compelled brands to focus deeply on how to connect with customers.

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