Non-Branded E-commerce Up For Boom In India: Pickrr Co-founder

Meeta Ramnani

On-demand logistics start-up Pickrr is on a roll. The three-year-old company that declares to handle 25,000 deliveries for its 700 B2B clients daily, states it is currently successful. Founded by Rhitiman Majumder, Gaurav Mangla and Ankit Kaushik, the Delhi-based start-up plans to broaden throughout India once they close the next round of funding.The logistics market in India is a USD 160 billion industry and is anticipated to swell to USD 215 billion by 2018 after the execution of GST, the Economic Study for 2017-18 estimates.In November in 2015, the company introduced, an e-commerce platform for non-branded items. It is much on the lines of e-commerce website Shopclues that had actually developed a niche for itself with regional and local -unbranded products on its platform. Zookr likewise offers refurbished electronic products of popular brands at relatively lower cost. The company feels there is a specific niche demand for this company in rural India.In an exclusive interview, Rhitiman Majumder, among the co-founders discussed to The Passage how innovation is at the core of their service and why he thinks there isa bounty in the non-branded service in India.Here are the edited excerpts: TP: How is Pickrr a’virtual’logistics company?RM: Considering that we are solving the logistics issue on the virtual space, we become a virtual courier business. When service homes desireto deliver parcels throughout the country, they are clueless about which courier readies in which city. To compound their woes, India has no single point of contact for each and every courier partner.Further, people do not know when the parcels alter hands. With Pickrr, the customers (organisation homes)do not have to bother about multiple carrier companies.We are helping SMEs through big technologies like AI. Because we have actually remained in the marketplace for the last 3 years, we have a lot of information that AI uses. Utilizing that, the carrier companies are given a rating based upon their services. The algorithm designates them an excellent rating if they carry out well and vice versa.TP: Why not have a traditional logistics company?RM: A lot of individuals believe that logistics is about individuals and trucks. After 3 years we have determined that it’s a lot more than that. There’s a lot of technology that makes it strong. Also, there is a big potential as there are so lots of SMEs and Pickrr provides themwith spending plan technology.At, Pickrr we wish to make a one-stop optionfor all logistics requirements. It will be hard and tough but the marketplace is huge.TP: Exactly what is your profits model? RM: The revenue design is easy, it’s volume-based. Last month our profits was USD 1 countless which 15 per cent were earnings. We have more than 25,000 deliveries per day. As we supply a number of parcels to the carrier business, they provide us a

lower price.Pickrr has 700 B2B customers which over 500 send parcels every day. The client is conserving expenses. Customers can increase delivery without needing to keep a logistics department. The courier companies get more load from us. It’s a win-win for all three.Giving big discounts does not assist in logistics. Parcelled, a business that attempted this technique in 2015 needed to shut shutters soon. In case of COD, we pay our customers the money even before the carrier company receives payment from the addressee. Our damage rate is as low as 3 %. Parcels are moved by air and care is taken for vulnerable products.Rhitiman Majumder TP: Inform us about your B2C endeavor, Why do you believe there was a need for an e-commerce platform for non-brand products?RM: E-commerce players like Amazon and Flipkart cater

mainly to people in Tier I cities. The majority of these individuals have high purchase ability. We have seen that there are a great deal of sellers who get items from throughout the world. There are likewise those that make their own electronic items. They do not have the know-how to sell their items. This is where comes in.If individuals wish to purchase a smartwatch, the

ones from Apple or Fitbit are extremely pricey.

We need to accept the hard reality that a lot of individuals in India do not have adequate cash to indulge in all that. There are makers who have
quality products and are targeting that segment.This market, primarily in Tier II and III cities is heading for a boom. Right now internet penetration is not very high in these cities, things are quickly altering. In the next 2-3 years when it will increase, it will be a substantial market.To inspect the credibility of these non-branded items, we have our own legal team and there is an agreement signed on quality

and liability of items.(Shopclues has a similar service ). We likewise delist business that sell the exact same product from other sellers. Till now, this has hardly happened.We are likewise excited to explore an association between Zookr and Pickrr as they both enhance each other. In a sense, we are really reverse Flipkart, we simply established Ekart (Flipkart’s logistics arm)first.TP: Why do you think there is the demand for non-branded products?RM: No one today is working on the non-branded sector. However there is supply and demand to match. The proven model in India is Club Factory.

The business which is still in company has actually posted fantastic sales figures in the non-branded garments sector in India. This reveals that this is a legitimate model.So non-branded products are valued and utilized. On existing e-commerce sites, customers have to go through numerous filters to discover a non-branded product.

We began with only electronic devices and later have actually added cosmetics, clothing and grooming products. We plan to expand to other sectors. Likewise, all Zookr products are delivered through us.TP: Are you searching for more funds as you raised the last round 3

years back from Hong Kong-based Swastika?RM: We are currently in the procedure of raising next round of
funding. There are 3-4 US-based financiers who have revealed interest. As soon as we raise the funds, we will soon broaden throughout the country. Our deliveries presently go mostly from Delhi and NCR. (Meeta Ramnani is a Bangalore-based tech press reporter. She concentrates on emerging startups in the fintech, edutech and health care space.

She can be reached at [email protected])

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