Novomotus Launches MoneyMound Project Aimed at Teaching Digital Marketing Strategy

The MoneyMound helps get everyone on the same page faster.


Novomotus has announced the launch of the MoneyMound, a new web-based project aimed at helping website owners learn effective digital marketing strategies and apply them to their business models. The website features tutorials, in-depth walkthroughs, and overviews of marketing software solutions such as WordPress, SemRush, and ahrefs.

The first stage of the MoneyMound’s launch will feature in-depth tutorials, to be followed shortly by video tutorials. Each phase of the MoneyMound’s development will focus on teaching specific concepts and subjects. The first phase, for example, pivots around a guide titled How to Start a Blog: Simple Strategies for Building Successful Websites. Director of Marketing Zack West describes the project as a product of necessity.

“We find that many of our clients have the same questions when approaching us for marketing and SEO services. Among them, a majority tries to understand better how to start a blog on their own business’ website. We find this to be an effective long-term strategy and also find ourselves re-explaining the same topics time and time again. The MoneyMound started out as an archive for long-form answers to common questions we got from clients. Rather than dropping one-liners to clients, we’d spend several hours creating an in-depth response that could serve as a base explanation. That’s to say, every project is different and still needs some contextual love but the MoneyMound helps get everyone on the same page faster.”

The MoneyMound features articles and guides featuring in-depth overviews of common actions that West feels can benefit many websites. Through his client-based work at Novomotus, he describes having developed a sense of what a strong foundation for online marketing looks like—regardless of vertical or goals. He had the following to say on the subject.

“I’ve been a part of a lot of different projects over the years, ranging from health-based blogs to tech-based startups. Every business website will need to have a customized approach to be successful, but I’ve found that the foundation of most successful websites has many things in common. This foundation serves as a launchpad for later, more customized, marketing strategies to evolve effectively. There’s an old saying in the sports world that, to win, one has to show up to play. Marketing strategies like SEO can, in my opinion, be described much in the same perspective.”

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a type of digital marketing that focuses on helping websites appear for certain keyword searches within search engines like Google. Action such as creating keyword-optimized content, building backlinks to websites, and adjusting website coding in specific manners are all part of the effort. West describes the process as such.

“SEO isn’t something that has to be complicated. I see simple strategy ranking websites towards the top of search engines all the time. I also see very complicated strategies overwhelming smaller websites without adequate resources. The Money Mound project is about simplifying the entire process. Take, for example, the MoneyMound guide on how to start a blog. We’ve attempted to break down the entire process of launching a blog—be it a personal blog, an affiliate website, or a blog for a business. It’s a piece that will evolve as our strategies do. When we notice things working better, or worse, in our projects—the Money Mound will always reflect that.”

Novomotus is a US-based digital marketing agency that specializes in developing an effective online marketing strategy for businesses of small to medium size. The MoneyMound is one of their latest projects aimed towards sharing many of the digital marketing strategies they have developed over the years in an easy-to-read format that offers insight for beginners and pros alike. The MoneyMound can be seen here:

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