OmniBazaar Create Solution for Better E-Commerce Market

Buying a product at the online store is easy. However, the amount of money you need to spend is mostly more than what it should be. You need to pay hidden fees that you don’t know, such as the mediator or platform fee. So, if you can remove this part, you will be surprised how much money you can save. Now, we found an interesting project that tries to solve this problem. It’s called OmniBazaar.

This is a project that provides an e-commerce marketplace. The difference is there will be no middlemen and bankers for an e-commerce transaction. Everything is done by the user. This is what we call as the real peer-to-peer transaction. You really buy and sell product directly to other users. So, what is OmniBazaar?

OmniBazaar is a new type of e-commerce marketplace that removes the middlemen and bankers from e-commerce. OmniBazaar is only a place where the user can make a transaction with other users directly. Unlike Amazon, eBay, or other online stores you can find today, you don’t need to use a specific party to help you to the transaction. You just need to contact the other user and negotiate and make a deal with other users.

The Benefits of OmniBazaar

Like we mentioned before, there will be no middlemen or such. Therefore, the price you can get for the product is much lower than what you can find today. Of course, there is the market price that you need to follow. But, by cutting many routes for the transaction, you can save even more money than what you use today.

This project also uses Blockchain technology. It also gives you more benefits. This technology will give you the fastest connection for the transaction. Therefore, you don’t need to spend too much time to finish your transaction or transfer. Unlike the current system, you will need to use a lot of data that can be used by other parties to promote their product, which you don’t need at all. So, it’s fast and safe.

OmniBazaar also has many interesting features. one of them is distributed Escrow. This feature allows a user to be a mediator of the transaction between users. It can be used, when the users involved in the transaction doesn’t trust each other. With this, you can easily find the solution from the trusted user as mediator.

In OmniBazaar environment, the users use OmniCoin for the transaction. This is a good thing because it will simplify the transaction. It doesn’t matter what currency that you use, you just need to get this coin to buy or sell the product. And, you can buy the tokens with cryptocurrency. Basically, this is the good currency you can find in the e-commerce system.

We can only describe OmniBazaar as the perfect e-commerce marketplace. It eliminates all kinds of problem and weakness you can find in today’s e-commerce marketplace. Therefore, if this project started in the near future, we can see it as an important point in e-commerce history. It can start the new and better history of e-commerce. Therefore, we can see it as a promising project that worth to wait.

The Team and Advisor

  • Richard Crites, CEO & Co-Founder
  • Bill Moon, Co-Founder & Director
  • David Crites, Co-Founder & Director
  • Chuck Koch, Co-Founder & Advisor
  • Yusuf Kaya, Foundation
  • Ali Omer Horzum, Marketing
  • Kaiser Wahab, Legal Advisor
  • Alexey Markarov, Desktop Wallet and Blockchain Developer
  • Nikita Kunevich, Developer
  • Alan Omarov, Lead Developer
  • Muhammad Ateeq Rana, Java Lead Developer
  • Denis Samokhvalov, Back-end Developer
  • Andrei Pak, Database Developer
  • Gor Shipaktsyan, Web and UI Developer
  • Rafayel Alaverdyan, Web and UI Developer
  • Hai Vuong, Web and JavaScript Developer
  • Dardan Lladrovci, JavaScript and Ether Wallet Developer
  • Tu Tran, JavaScript Developer
  • Martha Florea, Project Manager
  • Eugene Lapshin, Graphic and UI Designer
  • Maria Alejandra Uribe, Front-end Developer
  • Dejan Zivkovic, Back-end Developer
  • Martin Wright, Website Design

For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: OmniBazaar Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #XOM team!

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