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Turn Search Results Into Sales

Pay-per-click ads (PPC) are an effective tool to reach an audience who is already looking for the products or services you offer. With pay-per-click, advertising only costs you money when a potential client engages with your ad. A strategically planned and truly effective pay-per-click campaign has a strong ROI, costing you far less per click than you’re earning in return from visitors to your website.

Creative graphics and compelling content, as well as relevant keyword terms and targeting, are all components of an effective PPC campaign. The dynamics of the internet also demand that a PPC campaign be ever-evolving, and we’ll stay on top of analytics to ensure your campaign remains relevant, cost-effective, and impactful.

Google Ads

To reach a potential audience, Google is one of the most effective platforms. When people want to know where to go to eat, who to hire for a contracting job or what dentist to go to, they turn to Google.

While Search Engine Optimization can certainly help improve where you appear in Google search results, using text-based ads on Google can also help your brand stand out in Google search results.

At Anania Media, we use our data-driven process to guide the creation of text-based ads, utilizing the talent of copywriters to create compelling, on-brand text ads that encourage clicks from the customers you most want to reach.

Display Campaigns

Display campaigns are an effective way to target your audience, as they utilize data to help get your brand in front of potential clients and customers across the internet.

A retargeting display campaign allows you to increase brand awareness among past visitors to your website, reminding them that they meant to call your company or make a purchase. It solidifies your brand presence in their mind as the ad shows up across the internet on the websites they visit, following their “cookie” trail.

A targeted campaign helps reach a different audience – potential customers and clients who may not have visited your website yet, but who fit the demographic profile you want to reach.

Our creative team will design ads, using compelling, on-brand visuals, and our digital media specialists will get them up and running, monitoring them as they are active to ensure optimal performance and gathering additional data to be used in future campaigns.

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