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It’s more difficult for most personal injury attorneys to see the value in blogs, but blogs are what give the entire site more authority, in Google’s eyes.

Blog posts, in general, are shorter than practice area pages. Because blog posts aren’t meant for bottom of the funnel searchers, they’re less “salesy”, and honestly, most attorneys don’t like this. We want to remind you, your website is not for you. It’s for your prospective clients.

The goal of blog posts is to educate your readers. Most of the time, believe it or not, people are not sure if they have a case. They will Google questions that are very specific to his or her situation. These are often questions like “What is strict product liability?”, “Can children sue for wrongful death?”, etc.

Unique Content

Remember the college days, where all you had to do was tweak a few words on your buddy’s paper, in order to pass the plagiarism test? Google doesn’t work like that.

Just because your content isn’t plagiarized, does not mean it is unique.

We’re looking at you, big box personal injury lawyer marketing companies.

PRO TIP: If your firm currently uses an agency like this, do yourself a favor: pick out one of the blog posts that the agency has written on your behalf. Now google that title. See how many other lawyers have content that is eerily similar to yours. Scroll to the bottom and see if your marketing agency also runs that site. Now, how do big box agencies choose who gets the better version of this cookie cutter content? You guessed it! Budget. (Seems a little like deja vu from the beginning of this page, doesn’t it?)

If every law firm is using the same sources, nobody is providing value. Repeating and rephrasing each other’s content doesn’t jive well with search engines. Google wants to see unique sources, alternate opinions, varied formats, etc. Winners never cheat, and cheaters never win, longterm, that is.

Updating Existing Content

Once you’ve published your practice area pages, posted a few blogs, and have started seeing some traffic, you might as well cut ties with your personal injury SEO agency, right? Eh, not so fast.

It’s important that you continue to update content. How people search changes constantly, new competition enters the market and you have to tweak your content to continue to remain relevant. Furthermore, refreshing content gets recrawled, it updates the publish date, and allows for improvement.

If you search for something and see that the content hasn’t been updated in 2, 3 or 10 years, would you question the accuracy of said content? We sure would. You can bet your audience will, too. We both know that laws change often, and someone looking for *the best* lawyer, won’t trust something that hasn’t been recently updated.

So, how can you update your content without rewriting it altogether?

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