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Where do I go from here? Whether the business is a brand new one-person firm and needs to build a customer base, or employs several hundred people and needs to re-build after stagnating over the past three to five years, this is the question every business owner needs to ask.

The question we need to ask you is, have you integrated social media and digital marketing into your overall promotional approach? If you answered yes, do you believe you’ve done that because you have Facebook and LinkedIn pages that get updated every once in awhile? Chances are without fully deploying a comprehensive, strategic Digital Marketing Plan, you are not experiencing the increase in your bottom line that you could.

A Digital Marketing Plan is the new roadmap that establishes your business as a participant in the digital world. The “build it and forget it” philosophy of the 1990s is gone. Active digital marketing is able to attract new customers and helps give you a pool of prospects that you can cull and convert into lifelong customers.

Typically, Omnibeat’s Digital Marketing Plans also outline some traditional public relations tactics to work in tandem with the digital activities, depending on your target audiences and their habits. Primarily, your income, sales, and branding goals are formed and honed using digital tools.

A Yelp survey in 2012 found that 85% of consumers use the Internet first when searching or researching a business. You can’t afford to not have a strong presence, have a site that’s mobile-friendly, and exploit the multiple opportunities that social media provides—that are very affordably.

Once the Digital Marketing Plan is created, Omnibeat takes it a step further and translates the steps to meeting your objectives into tasks on a workable Tactical Marketing Calendar. Many times, Marketing Objectives are not activated one at a time. They are coordinated and layered each month so that a blog post or an e-newsletter can support two or more objectives simultaneously. Having a digestible list of tactics to achieve each month makes it as simple as following a recipe. Omnibeat can set the wheels in motion if you don’t have the resources to do it yourself.

Having a Digital Marketing Plan and Tactical Marketing Calendar takes the last-minute guesswork out of your promotional activities and allows you to rely on a strong strategy for the entire year. Call or email us today to get started.

Leslie A.M. Smith has been an independent public relations consultant since 1994. Follow her on Twitter @LeslieAMSmith or on Facebook

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