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Trying to find the best plastic surgeon advertising agency can seem like an uphill battle, with every online marketing company saying, “Pick me! Pick me!” (How hypocritical of us!)

We understand that as a plastic surgeon, you aren’t really after the fancy marketing reports. You just want to see the results that you’re paying for. Any online advertising agency can provide you with a list of numbers paired with intricate marketing jargon that won’t mean squat to you…or anyone else for that matter. Find an agency that provides data that’s easy to digest.

Agencies that are willing to track your calls and compare them against the number they see on Google Analytics are most likely going to be the agencies that actually try to get you the best ROI. Trust us, we’ve seen plenty that don’t.

Also, look for agencies that don’t lock you in on long-term contracts for PPC. There is absolutely no reason to be in a contract for pay per click advertising, regardless of the industry.

Lastly, hire an agency that will provide you with other plastic surgery specific client references. If they’re doing a good job, their other plastic surgeon clients won’t mind speaking on their behalf.

We had one plastic surgery client fly in another plastic surgeon to meet with us. We didn’t offer him a discount or twist his arm. He just genuinely wanted to help a colleague, like we helped him. In the spirit of full disclosure-we did buy them both lunch! So, don’t let any agency give you the runaround when it comes to providing references.

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