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An effective inbound marketing strategy utilizes both paid and organic strategies to see maximum results. Organic search strategies help people searching for services similar to what you provide find your business in their search results. Paid search amplifies that reach and directs it at the specific people who need to know about your business.

Why Paid Search?

Paid search allows you to generate immediate leads and sales. Organic search takes time to build and is effective at putting your business high in the search results ranking. Paid ads on the search network(s) allow you to target specific keywords towards people in specific locations and at specific times to reach maximum effectiveness in your marketing results.

You should utilize paid search when your organic rankings are poor or you need an immediate increase in leads and sales. It doesn’t have to be part of your ongoing strategy, but can be to reach as many people as possible. If you are wanting to promote a specific product or service at specific times, paid search can be a great strategy for doing so.

Why Caledon Virtual?

Caledon Virtual’s team of paid search specialists won’t just manage your campaigns. Instead, they bring experience and expertise and will make ongoing recommendations to ensure maximum success for your paid advertising strategies.

We’re a digital marketing agency dedicated to your success on Google Ads and Microsoft Ads, and will never stop working to improve your ad sets based on the analytics and data monitored on those platforms. The success stories of our clients here in Columbia and throughout the United States speaks for itself.

If your Contact us today to experience your potential.

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