Preparing Your Ecommerce Service For Black Friday & Cyber Monday

DISCLAIMER: This is not a Black Friday article filled with generic stats. It’s a strategy and implementation piece concentrated on helping ecommerce teams drive outcomes through simple tweaks and considerations. Delighted reading!Black Friday is

now less than 1 month away. Is your ecommerce business all set to take advantage?Officially Black Friday occurs on Friday 23rd November 2018 in

the UK, although many buyers anticipate to see deals and offers during the week leading up to Black Friday along with during the few days after, including Cyber Monday, which occurs on Monday 26th November 2018. Due to the increased awareness and traction this period has actually had particularly over the previous 3-5 years, it is a huge chance for any ecommerce merchant that desires to get involved with it, to significantly increase sales and income. If you have actually decided to opt out this year, this post isn’t for you. The reality is, most ecommerce sellers will still be looking to maximise this sales duration as effectively as possible.What I am hoping to offer you in this post is some crucial suggestions that you can go away and work on, in time for Black Friday, to permit you to provide the most effective campaign possible.Prior To

Your Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Promotions There are a number of essential jobs and activities that should be performed at least 3-4 weeks in advance of Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

Here is a breakdown on my advised approach: Planning &

Organisation This will be essential to the shipment and execution of your Black Friday projects and avoids any eleventh hour decisions having to be made. Choose, in advance, what items are going to be

included & and determine

how the promos and deals will work. Doing this guarantees you select products that have excellent stock levels and permits you to execute promos that, whilst strong, still keep a level of success that is possible for you. Develop a sheet in Excel or Google Sheets to prepare how these will run throughout the project(When emails will be sent to highlight what can be found in advance, when different promos within the period start and finish etc.)Produce all the properties you will need to maximise your promos, believe about the following: Banners for onsite, email, social, display & affiliate activity Black Friday/Cyber Monday promo specific landing pages, that are optimised beforehand, so they can be found in organic SERPs

for market appropriate Black Friday/Cyber Monday based searches Advertisements for any print based marketing This will guarantee there is

  • a consistency to your method. In addition to this, you might desire to consider some extraactivities that you wouldn’t generally do. For example: Do you deal with affiliates and can you agree on some extra paid positionings with your essential affiliates, to increase your exposure?Do you have physical stores to think about and can some well targeted brochuredrops support your advertising activity?By thinking about

your projects in this method, it is much simpler to capitalizeof the Black Friday/Cyber Monday period, simply because you get things in location to allow you and your teams to be much more proactive,

  • instead of reactive and you are offering individuals the necessary time to plan, arrange and produce all that is required.Testing Testing is often ignored when
  • it pertains to crucial marketing durations, as people are frequently concentrated on the trading side of things. By not having your shop all set to deal

with the increase of extra visitors, this could result in substantial issues.Think about it like this, if you have actually planned effectively and the execution of your activities goes well, you are extremely likely to see the big increases in visitor and concurrent users in your cart/checkout that you were hoping for. For that reason, what would be worse than your site struggling to manage these increases,

resulting in users

not even having the ability to browse your website properly, or worse still, are not able complete their purchases. I, for one, would not want to risk that, at such an essential time.Put simply, working with your site developers and server/hosting service providers, might ease that issue relatively quickly, through load testing. At best, it will strengthen that your existing setup is already capable of dealing with significantly increased site usage and at worst it highlights that the implementation of additional infrastructure is required, which I would much rather know in advance.Building Anticipation With planning, organisation and screening either underway or out of the way, concentrate on building anticipation towards your Black Friday promos. Whilst some retailers prefer to avoid doing this, so they do not impact sales now, the fact is that many consumers understand effectively that Black Friday is coming and will hold on to their difficult earned cash, ready to invest at that time. My favored method is for that reason to build some enjoyment and momentum towards your promotions. Doing this through the following channels, will get people thinking about advance of your promotions and get individuals talking too, producing a bit of a buzz: Email-Use

a series of e-mails in the weeks moving towards Black Friday. Consist of countdowns and “sneak peek”type activities. Also consider early exclusive access to your finest and most devoted customers.Social-Get talking with your fans about what’s coming and support your email activity even get them to engage with surveys, that may assist steer your promotions.PPC -Implement industry appropriate” Black Friday”& “Cyber Monday “keywords, in specific projects and ad groups, so you can see how they are carrying out in isolation and change accordingly based on performance. This allows you to be found by the people who are researching before the events.The general message here is, if you are going to welcome Black Friday/Cyber Monday, don’t be scared to highlight this to your prospective consumers

  • in advance.During Your Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Promotions Now Black Friday is here and you have got whatever in place, it’s now down to the execution. It’s make or break time: Signed up with Up Marketing As pointed out in the preparation
  • section, consistency is crucial to providing an effective message throughout all your acquisition channels and on site. It might appear apparent but these are the key things to consider: Guarantee the intonation, language and messaging remains the exact same Utilize the same/similar visual properties Update banners across all crucial channels (Onsite, Email, Social, Show & Affiliates) to reflect your promotions.By approaching your marketing in a joined up way, it’s easier for you and your groups to deliver, and much clearer to potential clients who see your activity throughout

    several channels and several devices.Urgency & Shortage The Black Friday duration is a frenzied, “last minute offer “type frame of mind, so don’t hesitate to use this sense of urgency through key channels. Consider: Sending out “Just x hours left”e-mails at pertinent timesCarry out dynamic countdown timers in your AdWords & Bing Ads ad copy, so prospective clients understand the urgency, prior to night

    getting here on website Implement countdown

    timers on website From a shortage point of view, try and utilise “just x left in stock messages” where possible, this assists convince prospective customers not to wait however purchase now, prior to it’s too late!Retargeting Retargeting previous clients and previous website

    • visitors is currently a well utilized strategy across multiple platforms, however stepping up your technique on the added to and, particularly throughout Black Friday is essential. Consider the following: Make sure all your audiences are separated correctly and as much as date. Think of; Site visitors Basket abandonersPrevious buyers Exist any other audiences you could start to develop now too?Increase bids/ quote modifications on your paid retargeting activities: Google Advertisements(Dynamic retargeting & RLSAs )Criteo Facebook Make sure your basket desertion

      email journey is in full working order and think about

      tweaking the messaging, to reflect that extra urgency connected with Black Friday. Or, if you do not currently deliver deserted basket e-mails, now is the time to get a series in place, as

      • this will bring substantial chances throughout Black Friday.Customer Service This will be an essential one for all ecommerce merchants, because as a result of the boost in activity and sales, you will see an increase in customer service demands. It goes without stating
      • that this must constantly be high priority for any

      ecommerce seller but it is paramount throughout a duration like Black Friday, because getting it right lead to more sales.Make sure live chat is resourced appropriately and readily available Ensure you provide fast responses, specifically through social channels

      Offer simple and trouble totally free returns In addition to all of this, do not forget to watch on your competitors both prior to and throughout the Black Friday period, this will permit you to help guide your promos and uses more effectively.Post Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Promotions Analyse

      & Learn Once you have actually made it through the inevitable whirlwind that Black Friday will produce. It is

        • important you analyze everything both excellent and bad. Use information from all of your platforms to assess what

      worked well and what didn’t. All of us understand that information driven choices is what will assist provide enhancements for your next campaign.Make comprehensive annotations in Google Analytics, making it

        • much easier to recall and compare & form one year to
        • the next Take screenshots/keep assets saved, so you can

      really see what you ran with.Compile year on year comparison stats to get a comprehensive understanding of total efficiency and efficiency by channel.Summary Ideally, overcoming these suggestions will enable you to have a successful Black Friday/ Cyber Monday duration, whether it’s your first one or you have actually been doing it for years.If you wish to speak to Oliver directly he provides a complimentary consultation.