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This article is adapted from a write-up by of ’s presentation from ASAE’s 2021 Annual Meeting, “5 Digital Marketing Trends to Consider in 2022.”

The influx of change of the past 18 months extends to the marketing department, and there are plenty of tools and opportunities to engage more effectively with your audiences. Robynne Parkington, a marketing specialist at Mighty Citizen, outlined five digital marketing trends to take note of during the 2021 ASAE Annual Meeting.

As association marketers begin drawing up marketing plans for the next year, there’s usually a pull to look at what’s hot in terms of marketing trends and apply at least one trend to your plan. But, Parkington warns, don’t jump onto a cool idea without buy-in from your team!

Ask Yourself:

If the answer to any of these questions is “No, not really,” pass on the trend. But if the answer to all three questions is “Yes!,” consider these trends for your 2022 plan:

5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

1. Post-pandemic clean-up

Last year taught us that not having your digital house in order isn’t an option. Associations that struggled the most during the pandemic had messy tech stacks. Not having a marketing plan also wasn’t an option, but even those with supposed airtight plans can face small (or big) failures due to completely unanticipated circumstances. Therefore, it pays to be nimble. Periodically review and update your plan while keeping in mind that everyone experiences some level of stress and change.

So how do you clean up? First, check in on your marketing personas. It’s very likely that your stakeholders’ needs and goals have changed since 2019. Next, evaluate your web performance. How is your current site affecting your ability to be found? Do you need to refresh any email drip campaigns? More importantly, have you turned on Google Analytics 4 for your web properties? This is Google’s new analytics tool. Third, review your current data and tech stack. Do your current tools meet your future needs? Finally, review your goals and benchmarks. It may be time to re-establish them.

2. Testing with Google Optimize

Google Optimize is a free website optimization tool that helps marketers and developers increase conversion rates and overall user experience through easy -o-set up A/B testing. The tool lets you change aspects of your website, such as headers, fonts, and colors in a testing or real environment. You can quickly test a marketing hypothesis and get your results in weeks, without the need to put your development team to work. This method of making data-driven decisions will set your digital properties on a more solid footing.

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