RAKUNA Digital Marketing Intern | SmartRecruiters

Rakuna is an HR technology company based in Silicon Valley, US and Hanoi, Vietnam providing on-demand campus recruiting solutions for employers in North America. Our mission is to help companies to acquire one of their most important talent resources – campus hires, more efficiently, by empowering recruiters to get away from administrative burdens, and connect with, market to, manage, and cultivate relationships with prospective candidates – the Millennial generation – in a simple and meaningful way.

We have an energetic and intimate environment with a team of millennials who are hustlers and passionate about building things that matter. We are looking for fun, driven, hardworking, and savvy team members to help to take our brand to the next level.

Want to be part of a transformative, learning culture that drives innovation? Join us! 

For more info: https://www.rakuna.co/