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Hello Everyone, 

Shopify vs Vend

Needing help here, please.. Thank you in advance 

We’re currently using Shopify for e-commerce, we also have 5 bricks & mortar retail stores that currently use standard cash tills.  We want a robust POS system for the stores which is also able to sync with our Shopify website and multi-inventory.. We operate on fairly low ATV, but high volume, so the speed of operation is key..

Is Vend’s POS more superior to Shopify’s POS? Do they integrate well? Considering it a fresh start to POS, I could go with either, I do want simplicity but also love functionality (I hate basic stuff) My website is with Shopify, part of me says go with an all in one system, but currently the website (outside of lockdown) only accounts to around 15-20% vs 80-85% bricks & mortar.. I do want smooth integration between stores / online, especially we will be offering click and collect and also the ability for a customer to see which store has stock (similar to the Argos system)..

In terms of POS, I want the ability to work away from the main till when taking in deliveries, stock take etcc. using a scanner… Will either of these systems offer?

I read somewhere that shopify’s POS access requires admin access which has full access including banking etc… is this true? So a normal till user can see everything?

What would you do if you had a website already with Shopify which you are happy with and you are starting POS fresh?

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