Real ‘The Daily Bugle’ Newsstand From ‘Spider-Man’ Springs Up In New York City – Corporate B2B Sales & Digital Marketing Agency in Cardiff covering UK

Without spoiling too much of the previous film for you, Spider-Man: Far From Home ended with Spider-Man’s face blown up all over the news. Now, with the highly-anticipated No Way Home on the horizon, fans can get the latest updates of their friendly neighborhood superhero directly from a Daily Bugle newsstand… in real life.

As part of a partnership between Sony Entertainment Pictures and insurance firm Liberty Mutual, a newsstand on the Upper East Side in New York City was temporarily converted into a vendor for The Daily Bugle on December 10. The activation was done by advertising agency Goodby Silverstein and Partners.

Naturally, you’d need The Daily Bugle papers to front a Daily Bugle newsstand, so limited-edition copies were produced to give full-fledged coverage of Spider-Man in the city, coupled with faux Liberty Mutual advertisements. Ad Age reports that the insurance provider is touting itself as the go-to protector of multiverse villains in this edition.

Image via Liberty Mutual

Readers could also find a tipline that fans can use to report sightings of Spider-Man, currently “public enemy #1.”

— IGN (@IGN) December 10, 2021

Anyway stay vigilant. But also know that NYC doesn’t take kindly to snitches.

Elsewhere, the New York Post paper got a Spidey makeover in the form of a Liberty Mutual cover-wrap.

New York Post today has a promoted Daily Bugle Cover for #SpiderManNoWayHome


— Spider-Man: No Way Home Updates (@spideyupdated) December 10, 2021

“Spider-Man: No Way Home has been surrounded by secrets, rumors, and tremendous buzz since production began so it’s quite fitting that a real and limited edition of the Daily Bugle will be distributed from one secret newsstand in New York City,” expresses Jeffrey Godsick, Sony Entertainment Pictures’ executive vice president of global partnerships and brand management.


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